The migrants on Board the blocked rescue ship, the German aid organization, the Sea-Watch may after almost two weeks on Land. Seven EU countries had agreed to the inclusion of migrants willing to, said Italy’s Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte.

The migrants to get Off could therefore “begin in a few hours”. In addition to Germany, Italy, Malta, Romania, Luxembourg, Portugal and France, want the Refugees from the ship.

The “Sea-Watch 3” at 19. January 47 migrants from Libya. The ship was several days before the Sicilian coast at the Syracuse anchor, but couldn’t enter the port.

The populist government in Rome has denied since its inauguration in the summer of last year, several Rescue boats in the ports of the country. It insists on a just distribution of the migrants on the countries of the EU. However, the EU is unable to agree for years.

“distribution issues must be resolved on Land, and even if it should now give you a solution, it remains a moral and a political Declaration of bankruptcy by the EU States,” said Sea Watch spokesman Ruben Neugebauer. Also on Board 13 were year old and 22 crew members. The sanitary conditions deteriorated in the past few days tremendously. Sea-Watch had also appealed to the European court of human rights complaint.

Italy’s right-wing interior Minister Matteo Salvini was, first, that the migrants are brought to the Netherlands or Germany, because the “Sea-Watch 3” sails under the Dutch flag, and a German NGO. “Mission accomplished,” said Salvini. Thanks to the commitment of the Italian government, Europe had been forced to take responsibility. He called at the same time, investigations, again, against a Sea-Watch. Their behavior should be investigated. “Italy is not ready to be a retreat for all of the Illegal immigrants in Europe.”

A spokesman for the Federal, said the interior Ministry in Berlin, Germany was used as in other cases for a European solution and agrees to assume in this framework, migrants. How many migrants in Germany picks up, was unclear.

“There must be an end to that right-wing populists (…) contribute to the solution of problems, but their campaigns on the backs of the victims of the discharge,” said Udo Bullmann, Chairman of the social Democrats in the European Parliament, which was in Syracuse.

Italy and the EU to support guard the Libyan coast, in order for these migrants in distress at sea back in the civil war in the country. Serious abuses threaten the people in the Camps.

For less rescue ship from Libya on the road, the Crossing is always dangerous. According to the UN refugee Agency, UNHCR, the death rate rose last year to the Central Mediterranean towards Italy and Malta route is almost three times: during 2017, a Migrant to all 38 of the new arrivals came to the lake died, it was in the past year, a dead on all 14 of the new arrivals. Probably the limitation of the Search – and-rescue have contributed to the missions, the UNHCR.