The Federal Cabinet has approved the draft law for the Reform of midwifery training. The draft presented by the Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) provides that prospective birth should complete the helper in the future, a dual degree. The Reform should prepare for growing demands and the training of modern and attractive, Spahn.

a precondition is generally a twelve-year General school education or a completed training in a nursing profession. So far, ten years of school training or a completed apprenticeship is enough. With the Reform of the EU, will be implemented requirement.

High proportion of Practical

The dual degree program is a minimum of six and a maximum of eight Semester duration. It concludes with a state examination, after the the professional title of “midwife”. Practical assignments will take place in the hospital and, for example, in the case of a professional midwife or birth houses. For the duration of the course, compensation should be paid.

so Far, the training takes three years. It includes theoretical and practical instruction in midwifery schools and hospitals. In some cities, there are already such courses. The law should take effect at the beginning of January 2020. The Federal Council must agree.

criticism of midwives-study

criticism came from the CSU. The health of a politician, Emmi Zeulner said the editorial network Germany (Wednesday): “The Academisation solves the acute Problem, more and more birth need to close stations from a shortage of staff.”

The draft law also provides that the health insurance and care funds travel costs for care of needy people, if you accompany a family carers to a rehab.

deb / DPA