Mexico’s government has launched a rapid implementation of the agreement in the areas of migration and customs dispute with the US.

the head of state, Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced on Tuesday the formation of a special Commission under the Minister of foreign Affairs, Marcelo Ebrard, “in order to comply with the U.S. commitments made”. As a first measure 6000 members of the Mexican national guard to be ordered to the border with Guatemala, said Ebrard at a joint press conference with López Obrador.

After days of negotiations between Mexico and the United States Trump had on Friday evening, the punitive tariffs threatened on all imports from the neighboring country for an indefinite period of time is suspended – otherwise they would not be entered into force on Monday. Mexico undertook, in return, to take measures against illegal Migration from Central America. In 45 days the influx of migrants should be reduced to the Mexican border to the United States. If this is not achieved, threatens Washington with tariff increases.

The agreement have eliminated the possibility of an economic crisis, said López Obrador. “We will continue to pursue this policy of Non-confrontation (with the US),” said the President. The use of force is however not the only Option. The problem of Migration was controllable, if the developed countries help the poor countries, he added.

Ebrard had objected on Monday to the representation of U.S. President Donald Trump, there is, as yet, not published the Details of the agreement. “There is no other agreement of any kind which would not have been made known,” claimed the Mexican foreign Minister. It had been no secret from parallel arrangements. Mexico put on a transparent diplomacy.

Trump wrote on Twitter, there will be additional agreements had been signed, which would soon be revealed. This previously unknown part of the U.S.-Mexico deal would have to be ratified by the Mexican Parliament, wrote to the US President.

Ebrard said that Trump had referred to in his Tweet, probably at the request of the United States, to explain Mexico to the safe third state. Then all of the migrants from Central America, to Mexico in the United States would have to apply for, first of all, in Mexico for asylum. Mexico suggests, however, a regional model, with the involvement of the UN refugee relief work of UNHCR. To be able to about these aspects to negotiate, and had the Mexican Congress turned on.

The “New York Times” had previously reported that large parts of the of Trump as a great negotiating power sold Deals with Mexico had been for months under the roof. US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo had rejected this representation. The new agreement was much more far-reaching than all previously agreed measures, he said in Washington.

However, Trump has come across in the trade war with China, again an indirect threat. “We had a Deal with China and they are in retreat,” said Trump on Tuesday in Washington before his departure to Iowa. “We had a Deal, and if you don’t come back to this Deal, then I have no interest,” continued Trump. China need an agreement. “I’m the one that is a Deal,” said Trump.

The US President wants to. the Chinese head of state Xi Jinping at the G20 summit on 28 and 29. June in Osaka (Japan) meeting. A bilateral Meeting is not confirmed yet. Trump had declared the day before, if Xi does not come, then he would adopt the customs duties in the amount of 25 percent on other imports of goods to the value of $ 300 billion. Thus, all imports from China in the United States would be of special duties.