Mexico’s President called on the king of Spain and the Pope in letters to the Spanish conquest and subjugation of indigenous peoples in the 16th century. Excuse of the century.

It was an Invasion, during the had been arbitrarily the peoples subjected to, said Andrés Manuel López Obrador in a Video message, which was released on Monday (local time) in the social networks.

It wasn’t long before the letters to king Felipe VI. and Pope Francis met in Spain on the rejection and even anger. The government of the socialist Pedro Sanchez refused an apology quickly and vigorously. The content of the letter will be rejected “with certainty,” it said in a on Tuesday issued notice to the Palacio de la Moncloa. The arrival of the Spanish five centuries ago in what is today Mexico could not be evaluated “from a contemporary point of view”.

Less diplomatically expressed by politicians of the conservative Opposition, journalists and newspaper readers. The top candidate of the liberal Ciudadanos in the parliamentary election of 28. April, Albert Rivera, described López Obrador as “left populists”, “the fakes, the history and the confrontation of addiction”. His claim was an “intolerable insult” of all Spaniards.

Rafael Hernando, one of the most important representatives of the popular party (PP), wrote on Twitter: “You have to remember that the Lord (López Obrador) to the fact that we went to the Spaniards there, and of the Power set of those tribes, which have murdered their neighbors cruelly.” In the morning TV Talk shows, many journalists were upset. “Mexico should apologize for the murder of the Emperor Maximilian I.”, called for example a. The Austrian was shot in June 1867 on the “Campo de las Campañas” of Querétaro.

On the website of the newspaper “El País” had led to the report on the claim of Mexico until Tuesday afternoon, nearly 5,000 reader comments. The most insulted the Mexican President. López Obrador should rather take care of the corruption, drug trafficking and murder wave in his country, the Tenor.

In Mexico, were referred to the Remarks as racist. A number of authors, historians, and Intellectuals were in a report by the newspaper “La Jornada” behind the demand of López Obrador. The indigenous peoples deserved an apology for all that you have ever repressed, it said.

The conquistadors were in the area of present-day Mexico during its conquest and colonization, extremely brutal against the settled peoples. More modern weapons they made in the fight against the Aztecs almost invincible, introduced diseases such as measles and smallpox killed much of to hundreds of thousands of the inhabitants. In the conquest of the Spaniards, above all, to natural resources such as Gold and power influence in the New world. With the help of the Catholic Church was suppressed after the conquest, the pre-Columbian culture – the temple had to be so soft, for example, churches.

López Obrador said that the Spanish conquest had been effected with the sword and the cross. He had sent the letters, so that the grievances would be considered and that the peoples concerned have received an apology for the violation of human rights. He hope that 2021 will be a year of “historic reconciliation”. That he go with the demand on collision course, rejected López Obrador on Tuesday. He suggested the establishment of a joint working group for a historical reappraisal.

2021 marks the thirtieth is equal to three for the history of Mexico important events. 500 years ago (1521) fell, the former Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan to the Spaniards, 1321 had been founded. In 1821, Mexico gained its independence. This is the time to reconcile, the President said. “But first, we ask for an apology.” He was going to apologize for crimes against indigenous peoples and other minorities after the independence of Mexico from Spain.

The government in Madrid expressed regret that the contents of the letter by López Obrador himself had been made public. The Letter was, according to information from Madrid, already on 1. In March the Spanish government.