it might not like Donald Trump: In the Mexican border city of Tijuana residents have stolen parts of the US President so passionately advertised border fence, as the California news station Kusi News reported. Last November, the U.S. Department of homeland security have to let the border fence, in addition, with prickly wire to attach, this was now stolen and land in Tijuana been re-discovered, reported the broadcaster, citing a representative of the city. The local residents would secure their homes against crime. Tijuana is, among other things, because of its high murder rate as one of the most dangerous cities in the world.

According to Kusi News, the sting of stolen wire, and the residents sold. This would have been to inform refused, how do you like the Material. Nevertheless, the authorities have taken according to their own figures between fifteen and twenty Suspects. Meanwhile, companies would have to replace the missing barbed wire.

Trumps border security

a prototype for a border wall to Mexico with a simple tool, by sawing

Trevor Noah is taking the Mickey, Donald Trump

American comedian, Trevor Noah was given the message from Tijuana, barely a Laugh: The message was his “favorite story of the year,” and probably even his whole life, joked Noah in his “The Daily Show” on the US channel Comedy Central.

“I’m sorry, guys, this is crazy,” said the TV Star to his audience. “You heard right: ‘Mexico steals the wall’. Oh man, I wish I could be there as Donald Trump saw this story in the news.” Then Noah asked, whether the US President demanded from the US Congress, a further eight billion dollars for a second wall to protect the first.

Trump had always asserted that Mexico would pay for the propagated border fortification. Therefore, Noah, the point of the story got the biggest laugh: The Moderator introduced himself as a Mexican homeowner show off your new “security system” and say: “I built a wall around my house. And Donald Trump has paid for it.”

sources: Kusi News, “Huffington Post”