In the AfD, right-wing forces according to the words of the national Chairman Jörg Meuthen no place. Meuthen spoke of “some completely ruthless Radicals” in their own ranks, of intrigues and intra-party small wars.

“Who wants to live out his group-focused enmity, I say very clearly: look for a different playing field for your neuroses!”, Meuthen said at the opening of the AfD country party tags in Heidenheim, Germany.

in fact the AfD, the Golden age would have, because the political opponents in the country was weak, and voters would have tired of the “obvious inability of the old parties,” stressed Meuthen. “The Only ones who are still on the way to the political shaping of the fate of our country, we are even.”

The AfD in the South West wrestles at the state Convention in Heidenheim to the future course of the party. The previous Chairman Marc Jongen no longer wants to compete. The value of conservative realists the struggle for Power with the radical “Fundis”.