Angela Merkel has let his dream not 24 hours later had to burst. “The Chancellor is not planning any Cabinet reshuffle,” said the government spokesman. And so Friedrich Merz, the brush-off. He had previously been brought as a Federal government Minister to the game. In the Cabinet of Angela Merkel, his most intimate enemy. Of all places. Merz will have known that his plan is doomed to Failure.

It is, rightly, failed. Friedrich Merz has, after his election defeat for the CDU party chairmanship to a bad finish. Of his alleged ambitions to hold office, due to strong doubts.

Friedrich Merz wants to know. But with the second series, he is not happy.

Friedrich Merz plays a game of power. After the election of Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer to the new CDU party boss, Merz was asked if he wanted to run for the Vice-presidency. He didn’t want that. But to bring in and engage, that he wanted to continue.


Friedrich Merz as Minister to the game – and criticized their own appearance

How, he had the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” know: He would trust the office as a Federal Minister, “because of my experience in business and politics,” he said to the blade. And renewed his offer “to go all out in the policy, and my previous professional activity.”

His foray highlights especially: Merz can apply his “force” apparently, only when he plays a Central role. Whether as CDU Chairman, and, possibly, later Chancellor, or Federal Minister, and perhaps, later, Chancellor. If he can contribute to “a suitable position”, as Merz says. Policy from the second row, that’s not enough for him, anyway.

He has to find his role after years of political abstinence. Although he’d have to.

Merz could have as an elected member of the Bureau, the fortunes of the party to steer into the skid. He has beat the offer. He has to find his role in the party after years of political abstinence. Although he would have to. But Merz the patience to do this, apparently.


Union after the election of AKK – Chancellor-ability is in doubt


a day after his election defeat, he has shown how great is his dedication to the party really is. To is not a debate on the social market economy, one of his Central themes, he appeared. Merz did not want to contribute at this point, first of all,. The is bitter.

That Merz establishes his involvement in the CDU appears to be no Central Offices, should the 482 delegates, the him on 7. December, your voice gave it, before the head bump: It is seemingly less about you, the conservative camp, and the desires, as to him, and Merz.

In one respect, Merz is shown engaged. But the party he is doing a Favour.

Also, the internal party Cohesion that he has, again and again, even after his electoral defeat – have been summoned, does not seem to lie to him too. His desire for the big stage is a Declaration of war to the Chancellor and the new CDU-Chairman.

Yes, he has to trust the Minister. “But this is not in my Hand, but that is a matter for the Chancellor.”, he added in the “FAZ”. After a further conversation with Kramp-Karrenbauer, you’ll see. Friedrich Merz says so, actually: I can Minister, but the Chancellor must offer me the Post. And the new CDU-Chairman under pressure.

Berlin3: CDU party Congress in Hamburg,

winners, losers, and vile Disposals

Of Andreas Hoidn-Borchers

Merkel had to derail the proposal. The only logical Item for Merz in your Cabinet would be the economic have been Minister – occupied by Peter Altmeier (CDU), a Confidant of the Chancellor. This can’t work. But you also had to take Kramp-karrenbauer of the line of fire. The need to get a Merz or be bearing necessarily on Board, the split CDU merge. His commitment has a price, he has now.

in the calculus. He acts hypocritically. And he can now claim that he has offered his cooperation, and so we wanted to redeem. But Angela Merkel can’t with him. And Kramp-Karrenbauer can not do without him. The use of Merz. He wants back in the game, but not at the supposed edge of the field.

at Least when it comes to his own political future, Merz very engaged. The future of the party is for him in second place.