After a four-month overhaul at the end of November flying with Chancellor Angela Merkel on the way to the G20 summit in Buenos Aires stranded government plane “Konrad Adenauer”.

foreign Minister Heiko Maas started early in the Morning with the Airbus A340 to New York. There, the SPD politician takes over the security Council for Germany, the presidency of the UN. A defective component – a Central switching unit in the on-Board electronics (“Transformer Rectifier Unit”) had on 29. November two radio systems crippled, the to replace in case of emergency, each other. In addition, the Pilot was able to drain through the Defect no kerosene in the air, in order to reduce the landing weight.

Merkel’s flight to the G20 summit had been canceled and the airport Cologne/Bonn is headed. The Chancellor had to fly with a scheduled flight, and arrived a day late in Buenos Aires. The “Konrad Adenauer” was repaired and in the yard of the Lufthansa in Hamburg, then plan obsolete standard General.