With a view to climate change, German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) stresses the importance of adaptation in urban planning. Here are the correct conclusions to be drawn, stressed Merkel Podcast on Saturday published Video.

“We have different programs in which just the Green in the cities is also increasingly used, so that people can better adapt to the higher temperatures.” Adaptation to climate change is now part of the building code.

“The early summer this year, shows that Extreme weather events are becoming more frequent. We have more hot days and more tropical nights, especially in some Parts of Germany,” said the Chancellor. “We need to respond together.” In Germany, it was in June as hot as in June before.

Merkel also stressed the importance of the forest. “Just the forest that suffers from extreme drought, and is also affected by pest infestations particularly,” she said. “And therefore we will resort the forest farmers in a special way among the poor. You have to Worry about this summer, many, many.”

Federal agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner calls, meanwhile, a program for reforestation in Germany in the face of forest fires, droughts and pest infestations. “A comparable forest loss has occurred in the past,” said the CDU politician of the German press Agency.

In the 80s all had spoken from the forest die. “Now he is Dying, and hardly anyone is talking about it.” There is an urgent need for action. The Ministry of agriculture, several million trees are required, the loss of a total of 110,000 hectares of forest to compensate for.

Specifically, want to Klöckner is a “Several-million-trees program” that could be financed from their point of view, from the energy and climate Fund of the Federal government. “The forest is the lungs of our society, a crucial climate protectors,” she said. The planting of new trees is in the interest of all.

The energy and climate Fund (EKF) has set up the Federal government to the energy transition forward. In 2019, it includes, according to the government 4.5 billion euros, the saving including renewable energy, energy, climate protection, environmental projects and the promotion of electric mobility is issued. The forest climate Fund is part of the EKF, promoting the adaptation of German forests to climate change.