As a relationship status for Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron probably fits best: It is complicated. Several times already the German Chancellor and the French President were last at the important points, be it of the Brexit, or the Nord Stream gas pipeline 2. And now Germany and France are arguing in the Postal Schacher in the European Union, on the open stage.

shortly after the European elections at the end of may, the two clashed. Merkel campaigned bravely for their CSU colleagues, Manfred Weber as the next President of the EU Commission, while Macron against the German spirit made. At the EU summit this Thursday, the game goes into the next round. Who creates the point of victory? Or a at the end to the ground?

it is more Likely that the much-touted German-French engine starts again and often rumbling EU consensus machine gives birth at the end of a compromise. It said on Wednesday from the Paris seat of government Élyséepalast: “In these debates, nothing will be done without a German-French agreement.” On the German side, you can see the similar. You seek a decision by consensus, said a German government representative.

New EU Commission President?

Loved and hated: Margrethe Vestager – the woman who wants to get to the top of the EU

Of Rune Weichert “all options are on the table”

The sounds conciliatory, but says nothing about how the dispute over the new leadership of the EU is really attached to. EU representatives stressed on Wednesday that so far, in fact, nothing had been decided. “All options are on the table,” said a senior EU official. Up to the last Minute, great-grandson, Donald Tusk, will lead discussions in “stunning” timing and expect significant dynamics.

The situation is extremely complicated. A point: The major parties in the European Parliament insist that only one of their top candidates to head the EU Commission. Only you would have presented itself in the election campaign of the citizens with their programs, for them, the voters would have voted, and only the democratic, argue the Social Democrats and Christian Democrats.

Then, only Weber and the social Democrat Frans Timmermans, would be strictly out of the question, where Weber sees himself as the favorite because of his European people’s party, despite loss of strongest faction in the European Parliament. The Danish EU competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager is a candidate for the liberals, although she was not the sole leading candidate.

first EU summit after the election

The power struggle in the EU peak has begun – and Angela Merkel’s husband, Weber has to fear

DPA Macron keeps the old party structure is outdated

the Council of The heads of state and government, has the right of proposal for the Commission post, recognizes the so-called top candidates-but anyway not. There is no automatism, he held multiple. One of the most stringent opponent Macron, which keeps the old party structure is outdated and his motion La République En Marche breaks is.

It was not possible, on the nomination of a political family all of the other candidates pretend that it was from Macrons environment. In the European Council had to be found a consensus, so that all countries feel represented. This is not applicable only for the Commission presidency, but also for other EU-Topposten.

This is the second point that makes the whole thing very confusing: the New Offices of the great-grandson Tusk, the EU’s foreign policy representative, Federica Mogherini, the EU Parliament’s President, Antonio Tajani, and the President of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi will be occupied. And for all the Items together, there should be a balanced personnel package: between men and women, political parties and European regions.

great-grandson Tusk hopes for quick decision-making

this situation has changed in the past three weeks, externally little. None of the known candidates has a majority in the Council or in the Parliament, and the Parties to argue more passionate about the process. However, Insiders spoke briefly before the summit, suddenly, of movement, of a second Phase, of possible packages. Tusk even screwed up the expectations. “I hope we can decide on Thursday,” he wrote on Twitter.

In Paris, it’s not buffered, it was “sure” that the summit had to be decided. First names should be “” tested, and if there is no majority for a candidate will significantly, you should consider Alternatives. If necessary, there will be a special summit. In the point, at least, believe there was a Consensus with Berlin, but then again. “If you don’t come to a result, then the world is not going to,” said a German government representative. Until the constituent meeting of the EU-Parliament on the 2. July must, however, have a solution.

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