German Chancellor Angela Merkel on the sidelines of the summit of EU and Arab League in the Egyptian Sharm el-Sheikh with the British Prime Minister, Theresa May.

Both politicians wanted to on Monday on the state of the muddled discussion of the modalities of the exit of Britain from the EU. Details were not initially known. However, it was not expected that Merkel May would make new proposals for resolving the situation.

on Sunday, a conversation Mays with EU Council President Donald Tusk ended up at the edge of the peak meeting without a concrete result. From the EU circles, it was said, Tusk reminded May that the heads of state and government at a Meeting on may 21. 22. March would only deal with a new solution proposal, if the majority is clear also in the UK capable of.

In the British Parliament there will be in this week still no vote on the between May and the EU negotiated Brexit agreement. The vote will up to 12. March to take place, said May on Sunday. The EU is still in range, with an agreement on the 29. To leave in March. In the vote on the next Brexit-steps this Wednesday in the Parliament in London, however, it remains.

At the very first summit of EU and Arab League want to put both pages in spite of serious differences of opinion, a sign of rapprochement. In the final statement of common ground should be emphasized, such as the commitment against terrorism and for international crisis solutions. On the second day of the summit ascent, the duration of crises and struggles in Yemen, Syria and Libya. The heads of state and government from about 50 countries also want to discuss the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians.