Nearly eleven years after the laying of the Foundation stone German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), is today officially opening the new Headquarters of the Federal intelligence service (BND) in Berlin.

With the advent of the school for intelligence officers in January, the move of the German international was completed by secret service, of Pullach, near Munich, and other locations in the modern Central. Around 4000 of the total of 6500 intelligence agents of the BND are now working in the huge new building right in the middle of Berlin.

For the employees of the traditional critically eyed the BND, and its President, Bruno Kahl, the opening is by Merkel as an important sign of recognition. For the customers of the information and analysis of the BND in government and politics has changed with the move from the hermetically sealed previous location in a Park above the valley of the river ISAR in the busy centre of Berlin. The number of requests has risen, just as those of the Briefings of politicians and members of the government.

The service has become more dynamic, in the ranks of its inspectors appreciatively. At the end of the changes to the BND had not arrived yet. The service needs to be faster from pure analysis to tactical and operational action, it is said in circles that are for the work of the BND responsible. In the fight against terrorism it is important to describe the relevant groups – but even more important is it to inform, whether someone is on the way, of the intention to exercise a stop.