German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has unusually given a clear error of her party in dealing with the CDU-critical Video of the Youtubers Rezo.

“The real flaw – and we know that, but in the meantime, also – was that it has to be seen to be defensive,” said Merkel in a discussion with students in the historic Kaiserpfalz in Goslar. The reaction of the CDU-Boss Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, and the party headquarters had triggered the Rezo Video with the title “the destruction of The CDU” considerable criticism in its own ranks.

Merkel complained that you did not “let in simply and has said: So I’ll go now locker”. She added: “we need to learn.” It had been a little shocked when the Youtube Video had surfaced in which Rezo the CDU have buttons on for many minutes. The most Important thing is “that you have responded to first open it and not to deflect and says, everything is nothing”, gave Merkel their desire successor as party boss, as a piece of advice along the way, without mentioning their names.

you’ve watched the Video, said Merkel. In it there were things you needed to talk, such as on the subject of climate. The remarkable thing was that a young person about so many minutes with a policy set and was interested in this. “This is something you should take.” Since the CDU could be very self-aware. You think of what you do and don’t be intimidated “is equal to, if someone says, but now everything is nothing”. You have counter-arguments, “and because you have to share,” urged the Chancellor.

The CDU published elfseitige reply to Rezo was not just entertaining, said Merkel. The climate debate shows, however, that young people are currently very politically attentive. You feel it is also positive that many of you were not very pre-made opinions, but is open to the discussion. “We should record, as a CDU, or as a policy as a whole.”