German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has brought a rapid EU special summit to talk to, if there is next week, no consent of the British Parliament to the withdrawal agreement from the EU.

If there are no positive or no vote in the house of Commons, “then we are going to keep us open if it had to come to a further Meeting prior to the exit date,” said Merkel in a government statement in the Bundestag. If there is, however, a positive vote could be talking the desire may’s “a brief extension” the principle is certainly positive, said the Chancellor.

she was still convinced that an orderly solution to the outlet to be used in the UK, stressed Angela Merkel. It was in the interests not only of Britain, but also in the German interest and in the interest of the 27 member States. When you May want specific date for the shift to 30. June had to be taken to ensure that the legality of Europe was given a choice at the end of may, the Chancellor said, and added: “But a short extension, you can talk then.”

eight days before the formally scheduled departure of Britain from the EU on 29. Of March there is still no definitive answer to the question of how the UK’s exit process will go, defendant Merkel. The Please after a positive decision of the summit on the document, which concerned the so-called Backstop, and in his Interpretation of it, could descendants of the EU summit from the German point of view, said the Chancellor.

in The future 27 member States of the EU, Angela Merkel called for focus after the exit of the British on the challenges of the future.

The world order, and the Europeans need to consider how they wanted to respond to that, Merkel said in the Bundestag in a government statement to the Brexit process. Europe had to occur in a uniform and its internal market.

The role of Europe will continue to grow, said Merkel. It is important that the promises and security promise should be kept. Multilateralism has brought Europe peace and prosperity, she said also to the address of the United States. This should be done in Europe, “for the benefit of all”.

The EU’s economic power has grown in the past few years, even if the development had recently worsened. This, however, not enough of the world to keep up. This however is necessary to do everything possible to consolidate the common currency. The Chancellor thanked expressly the Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD), who have sought successfully. Currently working on a tax on financial transactions, however, is difficult to implement, if there is no global agreement on it. Here, too, she thanked Scholz expressly for his use.