A 56-year-old man from North Rhine-Westphalia, Lippe, and two other offenders to have needs to WDR information over a number of years, about 20 children between the ages of four and 13 years, miss. The scene is supposed to be a campsite in Lügde, as the channel reported. The police and the public Prosecutor Detmold want to announce on Wednesday details of the case.

The authorities in an invitation to a press conference of a “variety of acts, in which children were seriously sexually abused”. In this context, there have been three arrests. For more Details, the investigator is not called first.

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, According to the WDR, a mother, a duration should have left the camper on the square in Lüdge 2016 at the latest, your daughter. Shortly thereafter, there was, therefore, because sexual abuse was suspected. However, the investigations of child welfare and the police brought nothing Resilient, as the channel reported.

year long abuse

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Despite the living situation of the duration of the campers and of the present View, the youth welfare office have agreed to in a care relationship, the child had stayed the duration of the campers entrusted to. Since the arrest of the man in 2018, the police investigate. According to CTR research, the investigations also extend to the neighbouring countries, as on the campsite, also tourists from the Netherlands to spend their holidays.

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