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Boris Becker: Now auction with a souvenir (19.17 watch)”Game of Thrones”-Stars upset over Petition 818.15 PM)May want to leave about Brexit Referendum vote (17.35)ceiling crashes in elementary school in (17.23 hours), and the Federal government wants to facilitate firing of the wolves (17 PM)Patrick Alès: inventor of the Föhnwelle is dead (15.48 PM)restaurant chain from Jamie Oliver is insolvent (14: 05)Vote of no confidence against the Chancellor for a Brief moment on Monday (11.54 a.m.)city of Zittau is allowed to depend on the NPD election posters (11 a.m.)roads in Kassel flooded (8.07 p.m.)the number of Spam emails increases dramatically (5.05 PM)

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+++ 19.55 clock: rehabilitation gets formatted jail inmate 1.5 million dollars in compensation +++

A former car mechanic who sat for 45 years wrongly behind bars has get a multi-million dollar compensation granted. The U.S. state of Michigan spoke to Richard Philips $ 1.5 million (1.34 million Euro). He was sentenced in 1972 to life in prison for a murder he didn’t commit. The judgment was founded “almost exclusively” on a single false testimony, said the prosecution.

at the time of his conviction, the 27-year-old Philips is now 73 years old. He was released last year, after a project at the University of Michigan of the Case accepted, and Philip had explained to the longest innocently imprisoned man in the United States. On Friday it was announced the amount of the compensation sum.

+++ 19.48 PM: Apple is expanding the exchange of Macbook keyboards made +++

Apple has more Trouble with the keyboards for its Macbook Laptops. According to ongoing user complaints, the group expanded the exchange program on Tuesday to Notebook models from the past and this year.

Apple had introduced in the year 2015 new, flat keyboard-mechanism. This allowed the group to build thinner devices. At the same time, many users of the keys, the work clamps or not the defendant – for example, if crumbs or grains of Dust slipping into the mechanism.

+++ 19.17 PM: memorabilia of Boris Becker to be auctioned +++

In the last summer, Boris Becker was able to stop the foreclosure sale yet, but now around 80 items from the career of the tennis legend, will come under the Hammer. The British auction house Wyles Hardy & Co announced on its website the 11. July 2019 as the date.

luxury dinner a la Ribery

Boris Becker, a Gold-Steak in Milan

The 51-jealous of-Year-old had been declared in 2017 by a British court for insolvent. Numerous items trophies such as trophies and other awards, but also Personal like watches, and even a sock of the Ex-tennis stars – should be auctioned by the auction house to the highest bidder, to creditors to pay off. At the end of June 2018, the auction at the last Minute, was attached by a restraining order, the lawyers Beckers on ice.

+++ 19.08 PM: Several injured have been injured in a collision between a train and Truck near Tübingen +++

In a collision between a train and a Truck near the baden-württemberg town of Tübingen on Tuesday, eight people, some seriously. As the police reported, was driving a Truck-driver at noon with his vehicle in the area of a construction site on an unguarded rail road crossing. There, the Truck was recognized as the car of a drive, in the direction of Rottenburg was on the way.

+++ 19.03 PM: media: leading SPD agreed on a concept for the basic pension +++

The leading SPD has agreed on a financing concept for the new basic pension. According to Reports of the editors ‘ network of Germany and the ARD on Tuesday, the basic pension should be financed mainly from tax revenues. Withdrawals from the reserves of the statutory pension insurance should not exist according to the ARD information. It had been agreed, Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz, and the Minister of social Affairs Hubertus Heil (both SPD). This was also confirmed by the German press Agency in party circles.

series: money plant


How much money you have to put the pension back – and when you should start?

Of Katharina Grimm

However, it is unclear whether the SPD can enforce your concept. The Grand coalition is arguing for some time about whether there should be a basic pension with or without a means test. In the new approach, the SPD-tip confirms the Reports that you want to dispense with such an examination. The CDU had turned also vehemently opposed to the financing on the return of the statutory pension insurance were access back.

+++ 18.58 at: Federal government is at risk dispute over working hours +++

The Federal government is threatening a dispute over the recording of working hours. Economy Minister Peter Altmaier (CDU) announced on Wednesday in Berlin ‘Tagesspiegel’ (online edition), he wanted to first consider whether the judgment of the European court of justice (ECJ) in Germany should be implemented. Minister of labour, Hubertus Heil (SPD) called on Altmaier to keep the law.

judgment of the court

time clock ade: How modern Tools for the detection of the working time work

By Ellen Ivits

Altmaier told the “daily mirror”: “We will examine the ECJ’s judgment now, and a legal opinion to determine whether there is a need for action.” Further, the blade quoted the CDU-politician: “The ruling is a move in the wrong direction.” It was the wrong way to go, “the time clock all over again to introduce”.

+++ 18.46 PM: Three dead women in the Vienna apartment + + + discovered

The bodies of three women were found in an apartment in Vienna. The police announced on Tuesday, the investigators currently believe that it is in the dead a 45-year-old wife and their 17-year-old daughters. For more backgrounds, as well as the causes of death were initially unclear, the identities of the three women were not confirmed by police yet. The autopsies are to be carried out in the next few days.

The Austrian news Agency APA reported that the bodies were already decomposed and, accordingly, in the apartment were. Obvious violations they had, according to the report. The police said in their message of “questionable deaths”.

+++ 18.35 PM: After heavy rain ceiling tiles crumble in the hospital in Helmstedt +++

In a hospital in the lower Saxony town of Helmstedt are after heavy rain, parts of a ceiling cases, de-energized panel. The delivery room and the intensive care unit were cleared. Two mechanically ventilated intensive care patients were taken on Monday evening from the hospital to other hospitals, such as the fire Department announced on Tuesday. Other patients were relocated. Cause of the Ceiling collapse was, according to the first findings, on the roof of the hospital due to a clogged downpipe rain water had jammed.

+++ 18.15: Stars resent the Fan to rotate to the Petition, the “Game of Thrones” new +++

rage and grief, Far more than a Million viewers of the Fantasy Saga “Game of Thrones” have called for a rewrite of the last season. The two weeks ago, started action on the platform received after the airing of the finale on Sunday evening (US time) once again, the inlet of supporters. On Tuesday, there were almost 1.4 million requested from the Production of HBO, a Neudreh of season 8 with “competent Script writers”. The authors, David Benioff and D. B. Weiss had written since the beginning of broadcasting in 2011 in the award-winning Mega-production in a leading role, the scripts.

Game of Thrones

“I didn’t expect”: The history of this GoT-figure taken aback by the users

By Steven Montero

HBO has not responded yet to the Petition – “Game of Thrones”Stars did. “I think it’s disrespectful to the Crew, the writers and the creators who have worked for over ten years tirelessly alone eleven months of filming for the last season,” said Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark, one of the main of the “New York Times, characters – on Monday”. Isaac Hempstead-Wright, who played her brother, Bran Stark, called the Fan-claims in the “Hollywood Reporter” is absurd. “It is ridiculous that people believe you can’t demand a different ending, because they like it.” He doesn’t take it personally, even though he should.

+++ 18.11 PM: Argentina’s Ex-President Cristina Kirchner in court +++

Argentina’s Ex-President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner for the first time as a defendant in court in a trial for corruption. On Tuesday a case against the former head of state (2007-2015) began in Buenos Aires. She is accused to have during their term of office to be awarded to 51 public works contracts in the province of Santa Cruz to a single entrepreneur inflated prices.

+++ 17.59 watch: US fighter jets catch Russian military aircraft off the coast of Alaska ab +++

U.S. fighter jets according to military information in front of the U.S. state of Alaska Russian Bomber and fighter jets intercepted. The North American aerospace defense command (Norad) announced on Tuesday on Twitter, four American F-22 fighter jets would have a total of intercepted six Russian planes in Penetrating the air space surveillance zone of Alaska. In the case of the Russian flight, it did witness a group of four long-range bomber of the type Tupolev TU-95 route and two fighter planes of the type Sukhoi Su-35 traded. The aircraft had been in international airspace. Foreign military aircraft must register before they enter the air space surveillance zone of the United States.

+++ at 17:35: May want to Parliament on Brexit Referendum vote to leave +++

Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May has to agree to the deputies of the lower house, the vote on a second Referendum on exiting the EU in the prospect-if the Brexit – the agreement with the EU. This offer May made during a speech in London. The BBC quoted May as saying it was the last Chance for a Brexit.


Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May in her speech on Tuesday in London

©Kirsty Wigglesworth / POOL AFP

The draft law, the deputies are to vote next month, said the head of government as a “new-Brexit Deal”.The new draft, according to May, in addition, that the Parliament must vote on whether the United Kingdom for a certain period of time to remain in a customs Union with the EU.

The house of the Brexit had agreements in the past few months, three times rejected. On Friday, the opposition Labour party broke off the negotiations with the conservative government, head of a Brexit-a compromise after six weeks. Then May had announced a “bold offer”.

Actually, the UK had the EU is already on 29. March to leave. The deadline for the EU outlet now up to 31. October extended.

European election in the UK

The Comeback of the Euro-fright, Nigel Farage

By Michael Streck +++ 17.23 PM: According to the classroom ceiling in a primary school collapsed +++

After the lesson, a ceiling of a classroom in Mönchengladbach from initially unknown reasons, collapsed. No one had been injured, because the school children were no longer in the room, informed the city of Mönchengladbach on Tuesday. The building control office to have as a precautionary measure, blocked the entire building for the time being, the education of the children are put up for the weekend from the classes. School psychologists were alerted, they are available for conversations with children and their parents.

+++ 17.12 at: Brussels threatens Germany because of the violation of the nitrate Directive +++

The European Commission has threatened the Federal government because of continuing breaches of the nitrates Directive with further legal steps. More than a year after a corresponding judgement of the European court of justice (ECJ), did not Berlin yet explained how the Directive should be fully implemented, – said in a letter to Brussels, the authority of the state of economic and the Federal Ministry for the environment, which was available to the news Agency AFP on Tuesday.

The nitrate levels in the groundwater are in many places in Germany is too high. Nitrate enters the fertilization in the environment and is potentially harmful to humans and nature. Germany had amended its fertilizer Ordinance, while in 2017, could not escape a conviction by the ECJ in the past year, but still.

+++ 17 a.m.: the Federal government of will Downing Wolves facilitate +++

After more than one year of wrestling there is in the Federal government, an agreement on a lighter firing of wolves. But “the Wolf remains a strictly protected animal species”, said Federal environment Minister Svenja Schulze (SPD) in Berlin to the draft law, of their departments. Criticism came from environmentalists. The template is to be decided on Wednesday by the Cabinet.


Wolf snatches the sheep hunter is filming Predator thermal imaging camera

Consequently, in the future, “sufficient serious damage” to Livestock farmers as a basis for a launch permit. So far, the affected animal had to be threatened holder in its existence. In addition, in the case of recurring damage to be “a close temporal and spatial connection” with the launch of wolves of a pack, also possible, even if not concrete, individual animals can be identified as the cause.

Further regulations to clarify who may entrust the competent authorities with the hunting. Local hunters should be included when possible. Shot as a Hybrid, so hybrids of Wolf and dog to be. The Feeding and Attracting of wolves is expressly prohibited, because they may get used to people.

+++ 16.49 PM: AfD wants to discourage women from abortions +++

The AfD wants to ensure that fewer women have an abortion. Party leader and European election candidate Jörg Meuthen said in the ARD: “I am now, here, with hard coercion against women act, because I don’t think this is the way to come next”. Instead, pregnant women who thought about abortion, with “soft instruments” to carry a child. In the Advisory only “quickly will make today waved through”. Christine Anderson, the is on place eight of the AfD’s candidate list, had previously declared that women should have more children. You literally said: “You do not need a minimum of 2.2 children per woman, to the people maintained, with 1.4 it works.”

abortion law

Milla Jovovich speaks candidly about her traumatic abortion: “I still have nightmares”

abortion is a in Germany under certain conditions, exempt from punishment. A woman can of weeks in the first twelve pregnancy – in exceptional cases also up to the 22. Week of an abortion, if she has advice and the doctor for a consultation certificate to present. The abortion remains in this time, also without penalty, if the pregnancy is based on a sex offense. Not illegal to have an abortion during the entire pregnancy, if the woman threatens to have a serious physical or mental harm.

+++ 16.41 PM: volunteers continue to search for crashed plane in front of the lower Saxony coast +++

to find In the North sea off the lower Saxony coast of helpers are trying to further a presumed crashed aircraft and its two occupants. According to the police, in Wilhelmshaven, in the process, so far, only debris was discovered the crash site with the main wreckage was not located until the afternoon. The two occupants have not yet been found. This was the 44-year-old pilot, and a 49-year-old companion. Both come from the Hanover Region.

The plane had been rented by the 44-Year-old and on Sunday evening on the flight of the North sea island of Wangerooge to Hanover lost. First debris was found on Monday in the Gulf, a large Bay near Wilhelmshaven.

+++ 16.40 PM: EU member States establish joint air fleet against forest fires +++

In the case of forest fires in all of the EU can, in future, countries on a common plane to draw the fleet. Croatia, France, Italy, Spain and Sweden from this summer, seven fire-fighting aircraft and six fire-fighting helicopters available, such as the EU Commission announced in Brussels on Tuesday.

“The fires are not coming,” said the EU Commissioner Christos Stylianides. The aircraft fleet is not to be used, if the EU countries themselves have sufficient resources.

+++ 16.39 p.m.: 33-Year-old in Ulm for the attempted murder and arson sentenced +++

Because you should twice have tried to kill people through arson, was sentenced to a 33-Year-old in the state of baden-Württemberg to five and a half years in prison. The regional court of Ulm, said the woman for attempted murder in a total of 44 cases, as well as arson and attempted arson guilty, a court spokesman said. The woman had been due to a personality disorder and an alcohol debt addiction is a reduced ability to. She was accused in September of 2018 in baden to württemberg, Geislingen an der Steige, garbage bags in front of a Turkish supermarket fired. In addition, you should have in the same month in Bad Überkingen is trying to put out a fire at an asylum accommodation. In both fires, no one was hurt. The defendant confessed to the allegations in the process, but denied an intention to kill.

+++ 16.24 PM: regional rail, knocking trucks – eight injured +++

Eight people have been injured in the collision with a regional train with a truck on a railway crossing in Tübingen. The driver of the Truck, the driver and a passenger suffered serious injuries, the police announced. They came with the helicopter or ambulance to hospitals. Five other passengers were slightly injured helper they brought in the clinics. The police had been alerted at around 13: 30. The truck was tilted by the force of the collision to the side. The line between Tübingen and Rottenburg was locked. A spare traffic with buses, according to a railway spokesperson, because of a construction site is not possible.

+++ 16.18 PM: customs found four weapons in the Bus to Sweden +++

In the case of the control of a remote bus to the city motorway A113 in Berlin, the customs has found four firearms in the Luggage of a traveler. A shotgun and two assault rifles were in the travel bag of a 23-year-olds in Sweden, such as the customs office said. In the Luggage compartment above the seat for the Passenger, the customs officers discovered a in a sweatshirt, wrapped the gun. Ammo of the duty is not found in the Review of the bus on Saturday evening, however. For the man the journey ended, he was provisionally arrested and his weapons seized. The Bus from Serbia with the finish in Gothenburg, Sweden was allowed to continue its travel after the controlling

+++ 16.06 PM: AfD head office and the constituency office in Stralsund damaged +++

Unknown in Stralsund the Geschäftsstelle of the local AfD with the constituency office of the AfD in the Bundestag deputies Leif-Erik Holm is damaged. Also a club house, in the morning, an AfD election rally is to be held, was probably in the night, the target of attackers, according to the police headquarters of Neubrandenburg. In the club house were smashed, therefore, two Windows, and the Unknown broke into the building. More than 40 political graffiti had been sprayed on the walls and the facade, including anti-fascist symbols. On the facade of the office a large area of the lettering “Nazis had been out” sprayed. The damage was 13,000 euros. The state protection determines.

+++ 16.03 PM: Portuguese police arrest of 17 Hells Angels +++

The criminal investigation in Portugal has in raids across the country, 17 members of the Hells Angels arrested. The men, aged between 29 and 52 years, were accused of membership in a criminal Association and “endangering national security”, police said. In the raids, a total of 150 investigators were involved.

It is not the first Time that the Portuguese police is going on in a big way against the Hells Angels. In the case of a large-scale RAID against a tight year, 56 members were arrested. Previously, nearly a hundred Hells Angels attacked a rival motorcycle gang in a suburb of the capital, Lisbon. 41 of those arrested will have to answer for attempted murder, pimping, extortion and drug and arms trafficking.

+++ 15.51 PM: Private Institute is allowed to show no bodies +++

The Berlin administrative court has prohibited a private institution, the use of corpses for medical training. With the judgment in the action brought by the private institution has been rejected. These want to overturn the ban on the Bezirksamt Reinickendorf. According to the verdict, the company is not a Institute of anatomy, how it is defined, the Berlin section of the law. After that, the bodies may be in anatomical institutions only for the purposes of teaching and research used. In the private institution it was, however, to medical education and training bodies. At the hearing, the presiding judge had emphasized, moreover, that the bodies should not be put on public Display.


Patrick Alès died at the age of 88 years

©Martin Bureau, AFP +++ 15.48 PM: the inventor of the Föhnwelle is dead +++

The French Star stylist and inventor of the Föhnwelle, Patrick Alès, is dead. Born in Spain, died at the age of 88, his family, and his company said. Several prominent figures were according to the company, of Alès is the French actress Catherine Deneuve and former First Lady of the United States, Jackie Kennedy style, including.

Alès, who had emigrated at the age of seven with his family from Spain to France, had worked his way up rapidly from errand boy to the noble Barber high. In 1964, he invented the Föhnwelle, by bringing the wet hair first with a brush in the Form and then dry föhnte. He operated a hair salon close to the Parisian boulevards, the Champs Elysées. Later, he sold the roof of his listed AlesGroupe your own herbal cosmetics and hair care products.

+++ 15.20 PM: terror suspect in Holland to note from Germany + focus++

Dutch investigators have arrested a commander of the radical Islamic Al-Nusra Front, the terrorism and war crimes in Syria will be accused of. The 47-Year-old with the battle name of Abu Chudr was taken in Zeeland chapel for Clues from Germany, informed the police. In a coordinated action, there had been a time equal to six searches in Germany. The German police have brought charges against the terror suspect into the roles, because of her incriminating statements against the Syrians templates. The Suspect is said to have led a battalion of militia in the Syrian civil war and is since 2014 in the Netherlands.

+++ 15.14 at: 19-Year-old for the rape and murder of a teenager in court +++

Almost six months after the violent crimes involving a 17-Year-olds in Sankt Augustin in North Rhine-Westphalia is since today, according to the indictment, 19-Year-old for murder and rape before the Bonn district court. According to the indictment, the Accused is to the young people on 1. December, in his room in an urban accommodation have killed. The young people from Rhineland-Palatinate and the defendant should have met before the fact. According to investigators, the 17-Year-old followed the alleged perpetrators in the room, because she had probably missed the last train. At the trial the defendant stated to the court spokesman, according to a date of birth, which differs from the previous entry into the file. Accordingly, the German Kenyans at the time would have been only 17 years old, which met in the case of a conviction, the application of juvenile law would result.

+++ 14.45: May want to introduce new Brexit Plan +++

The British Prime Minister, Theresa May wants to explain today at 17 GMT during a speech in London on their recent Brexit plans. The British seat of government, Downing Street announced on request of the German press Agency.

No compromise

Labour breaks Brexit talks with government in London

May want to submit your Brexit agreement at the beginning of June through the detour of a legislative process again to the Parliament. Three Times they had failed with the Deal she had negotiated with Brussels, there already. Discussions with the Labour Opposition on a compromise and remained also without result. May had announced a new and “bold” Plan for how you want the Deal through the Parliament. Actually, the UK had the EU is already on 29. March to leave. The deadline for the EU outlet now up to 31. October extended.

+++ 14.35 PM: German ice hockey national team beats surprisingly Finland +++

The German ice hockey national team won the world Cup, surprisingly, against Finland and the first round as successful as it is never completed. The choice of accommodation in Kosice, Slovakia against the home country national coach Toni söderholm with 4:2 (1:1, 1:1, 2:0) . Marc Michaelis (18. Minute), Dominik Kahun (34.) and Leon Draisaitl (45./59.) scored the goals. Five preliminary round victories had previously never managed a German Team at a world Cup. For the quarter-finals, Germany was already qualified before. Who is on Thursday in Bratislava, the opponent is still to be determined.

+++ 14.17 PM: Around 80 years of age Porsche type 64 +++

One of Ferdinand Por auctioned is cal personally steered around 80 years of age Porsche 64 will be auctioned in August in California. Sotheby’s showed the car today in London. It is the last surviving of three, 1939, and 1940-built models, the auction house said. The car has been driven by the automotive engineer Ferdinand Porsche and his son Ferry. Sotheby’s expects a sale price equivalent to more than 18 million euros. The auction will take place from 15. until 17 August in Monterey instead.

Ferry Porsche sold the car, according to Sotheby’s at the end of the ‘ 40s to the Austrian racing driver Otto Mathé. In the 90s, the Austrian Porsche specialist Thomas Gruber acquired the car. Be the fourth owner of the car is now up for auction wished to remain anonymous. The Porsche type 64 was a precursor to the legendary Porsche 356.

+++ 14.13 PM: NPD loses in court against Deutsche Bahn in dispute to ad +++

The Deutsche Bahn has a lawsuit against the NPD to be a choice spot for Europe’s advertising won the election. The radical right-wing party had the scenes for the Video shot without permission in the Berlin S-Bahn, a railway spokesman said. Now the NPD had to not commit to a decision of the Hamburg district court, therefore, is to use the Spot in this Form. The train, according to the information the company had submitted the application for injunctive relief on Friday. The railway spokesman said that the main reason had been the Lack of a filming permit. But also the xenophobic content of the commercials have led to the request.

+++ 14.05 PM: restaurant chain by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver is logged insolvent +++

The restaurant chain, the British star chef Jamie Oliver, Jamie’s Italian, has in the UK, insolvency. The company informed. “I am very saddened by this development and would like to thank all of our employees and our suppliers who have worked with heart and soul in the last decade in this business,” said Oliver, according to the announcement. Around 1,300 Employees have to fear according to the BBC, to their jobs. Founded by the television chef had a restaurant chain in 2008. Most recently he was operating 25 stores in the UK.

+++ 13: 33: Monsanto had lists in at least seven countries +++

The U.S. Seed company Monsanto has critics ‘ lists in at least seven European countries. As the new owner, Bayer announced, the group currently expect that the PR-Agency Fleishman-Hillard in Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain and the UK, politicians and journalists critical of naming, in addition, critics in the context of the EU institutions. Affected are to be contacted “by the end of next week”. Bayer commissioned the international law firm of Sidley Austin with the Investigation of the lists.

+++ 13.27 PM: safety concerns: Arsenal without Mchitarjan to the Europa League final +++

The Arsenal FC will contest the Europa League final in Baku due to safety concerns without the former Dortmund Henrich Mchitarjan best. As the Club announced that the 30-year-old Armenian was not with the team for the final against Chelsea on April 29. May travel. Background political tensions between Azerbaijan and Armenia. “We have examined all the options thoroughly, so Micki can stand in the squad,” wrote the Arsenal in a statement on his Website, “but after we discussed with Micki and his family, we have agreed that he will not be travelling.”

+++ 13.03 PM: Selfie-tourists trample Dutch flower show in platt +++

Selfie-tourists are for the flower show in Keukenhof gardens, South of Amsterdam, is a growing Problem. A beautiful design, many visitors flocked to the flower beds and trampled the grass flat, said the Keukenhof-Director Bart Siemerink of the newspaper “De Telegraaf”. “Low barriers do not work. We can keep the people with velvet ropes and stands from the flowers out.” Soon, his worry, climbed the tourists because of it and the need to protect the flower beds with water ditches.

+++ 12.50 am: Depth “Alex” goes to the blow off +++

The weather has calmed down after the heavy rains, especially in the South and the middle of Germany in the coming days. “The Worst is over,” said a meteorologist of the German weather service in Offenbach. Although should be expected with rainfall, but “Alex’s” subtract from tomorrow through Poland to the East. The low-pressure area had flooded with its strong rains in the night, in many places, roads, cellars flooded and trees snapped. On Wednesday it rains, according to the DWD, only in the Eastern half of Germany. In the West the sun at temperatures of up to 23 degrees even again. On Thursday, the showers will subside in the Lausitz region and in the Alps. However, it remains at least until the weekend is usually impermanent. It can give especially to the Alps again and again for one or the other Storm.

+++ 12.41 PM: the Turkish authorities to arrange the arrest of over 200 alleged Gulen supporters in +++

In connection with the coup attempt of 2016 have arranged with the Turkish authorities re-arrest more than 200 suspected Gülen supporters. In one of the Prosecutor’s office in Ankara-led investigation has 129 active or former soldiers and the eleven imams to be searched, such as the state-run news Agency Anadolu reported. The Istanbul public Prosecutor’s office had also arranged the arrest of 74 Suspects. You would be accused Gülen Connections to living in the U.S. Islamic preacher Fethullah gülen, the Turkish government for the failed coup responsible. Yesterday raids against 250 alleged Gülen had taken place supporters in several provinces of the country.

Since the coup, the Turkish government against the Gülen movement, but also against members of the opposition. Tens of thousands were dismissed from the state service. According to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, more than 30,000 suspected Gülen supporters are currently in Turkish prisons.

+++ 12.28 PM: a Swede, 24 years after the rape was sentenced to imprisonment +++

Nearly 24 years after the rape of a girl in Sweden, a man has been convicted of the offence to a multi-year prison sentence. The 58-year-old Swede had to to prison for six years, ruled the district court of Gothenburg. Although the defendants have denied the fact, to see it, the court established that he had raped the defenceless child brutally and ruthlessly. The man can now appeal within the next three weeks to appeal against the verdict, such as a A court spokeswoman said. Whether he’s doing this, is still unclear.

A change in the law was the beginning of the year, new DNA-matching in the case. Traces of semen on a piece of clothing of the child had taken to the man from the Gothenburg area. He was commissioned at the end of February and around two weeks ago due to severe rape has been indicted. In September 1995, had been the then-eight-year-old girl with the bike on the way home from school, as it had been ambushed in a forest in Billdal South of Gothenburg, and raped. The case would be in the next year – 15 years after the 18. Birthday of the girl – barred.

+++ 12 hrs: aid organization warns of famine in North Korea +++

North Korea is, according to the German-Danish aid organization Mission East due to a severe drought before the biggest famine for years. “If there is a hunger crisis threatens to rain in the next two weeks,” said Mission East’s founder, Kim Hartzner, after his return from the largely isolated country in Beijing. To miss a large part of the early harvest, failing harvests in the last two years, the threat this year, because it had previously rained on only three days. Will worsen the Situation by international sanctions. There is about to a few spare parts for water pumps and fuel for tractors. “People irrigate the fields by Hand with buckets or cups”, said Hartzner, which had met in North Korea dozens of malnourished children.

It would have to be provided several million euros to help the most Vulnerable, said Hartzner to the governments of Germany, Denmark and the EU.

+++ 11.54 PM: vote of no confidence against Austria’s Chancellor dare to Short on Monday +++

The Austrian Parliament will vote next Monday on a motion of censure of the Opposition to Chancellor Sebastian Kurz. Parliament President Wolfgang Sobotka set the date of the vote on Tuesday. The social-democratic SPÖ and the Short’ coalition partner, the right-wing populist FPÖ have not ruled out voting against the Short so that be could stand before you as Chancellor of the conservative ÖVP, after only one and a half years. The AFP news Agency reported.

+++ 11.42 PM: Anti-Groper-App will become in Japan, to Hit +++

A Smartphone App the police of Tokyo against a harasser in Japan to huge success: With the App, victims of immoral touches in the notoriously overcrowded subway cars on your situation can draw attention, without expressing themselves. With activation of the App is a “stop” in the highest volume, or the Display will beep to either the emergency message appears “There is a attacker, help please”, which the victims of the other passengers then can show. According to police information, the App has been downloaded already more than we’re 237,000 Times. This is a unusually high Download numbers for an App in the public service. “Thanks to the popularity of the number each month increases by around 10,000,” said police representative Keiko Toyamine to the AFP news Agency. The victims are often too shy to ask out loud for help, said Toyamine. With the App you could make now, other passengers on your location carefully, without the need to self-Express.

+++ 11.30 am: the accused killing of allotment gardens neighbors +++

A 42-year-old gardener has admitted to starting the process, the killing of his plot neighbours. Before the Ingolstadt district court, the defendant acknowledged to have a number of times, the 36-year-old victim stabbed. The public Prosecutor’s office sees the act as a dastardly murder, which is why the 42-Year-old faces a sentence of life imprisonment.

The defendant described the Events on Easter Monday 2018 in the garden plant in Gaimersheim near Eichstätt, rather than self-defence: His 36-year-old neighbor had started a brawl and was then attacked with the knife on him, said the Turk. “I said stop!” Finally, he had taken in the fight the lying on the ground a knife and even stabbed. The trigger of the dispute was a dispute over the alleged infidelity, then-wife of the accused.

Mediterranean sea

dead whale in Sicily had a stomach full of plastic: “The sea is sending us a cry for help”

DPA +++ 11.21 PM: EU-plastic ban takes last hurdle +++

The EU-Directive on the fight against the pollution by disposable plastic has taken the last hurdle. The member States adopted the text of the law in Brussels and now have two years time, the regulations implement into national law. See the new rules ban the use of disposable crockery and Cutlery, drinking straws, cotton swab, balloon sticks and cups, and food packaging made of expanded polystyrene before. To 2029 in addition, at least nine out of ten plastic bottles must be collected separately. New selling plastic bottles must exist by 2025 at least 25 percent recycled Material.

+++ 11.16 PM: Seehofer announces more personnel for the fight against Clan-crime +++

The Federal criminal police office to get more staff for the fight against Clan-crime. Federal interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) said the “image”newspaper: “The law-abiding citizens will be considered as “victims”, the German society as a prey, and our laws and rules as non-binding.” The goal of the new Federal-state Initiative to combat the Clan-crime short, the “LOOK”, be it structures, ways of working and crime links to uncover eller Clans, according to the newspaper. With this information, the country should be equipped with the wanted pressure to the clan

increase In January, the BKA had already announced to take crimes of Turkish and Arab Clans in Germany, more precisely targeted. In the next Federal situation report on Organised crime, it should be for the first time, a Chapter with the title “Criminals, members of large families in ethnically segregated subcultures”.

+++ 11 am: Depend on NPD election posters through the town of Zittau is right +++

The town of Zittau has depended to a decision of the administrative court of Dresden to the right election posters for the NPD. With the inscription “stop the Invasion: Migration” – performance of the killing, the posters, the offence of incitement to hatred, from a decision of the administrative court shows. In order for an application for a temporary injunction in the NPD against the measure the city had been rejected, informed the court. The judge shared the view of the town of Zittau, that the attached election posters constituted a threat to public safety, it said. Against the decision within two weeks of complaint to the Saxon upper management can court be inserted.

+++ 10.23 PM: police searches Munich-based schools after threats +++

The police has three schools in Munich after threats by addiction. In the Morning an E-Mail was received whose content is allowed according to police sources, “a possible threat by a single person”. Two grammar schools in the immediate vicinity, there was a major police operation, which has now been terminated without result. The students were not yet in school buildings. For you to be a danger, therefore, was not, at any time. After a decision of the school Board, the schools remained closed today. The oral Abitur examinations were in order.

another police operation in the delivery of a third school, after it had given the police information is a reference to a dangerous subject. The school grounds has been cordoned off. In the building, no students were. In all cases, police investigations.

+++ 10.16 PM: Schulze, wants to let the tobacco industry for Tilt-disposal figures +++

the Federal environment Minister, Svenja Schulze wants to participate in the tobacco industry to the costs for the disposal of cigarette butts. The SPD-politician announced in the “image”, a corresponding EU Directive on the prevention of plastic waste quickly transpose into national law. Cigarettes in flip contribute massively to the pollution of the environment, the Minister said the newspaper. In the future, the manufacturer would have to contribute to the cost of cleaning Parks or beaches. “I think that’s fair, as when all taxpayers must pay for it.”

The EU Parliament, the Directive on the fight against plastic waste is adopted at the end of March. In addition to the involvement of the tobacco industry, and the balloon manufacturer to the disposal costs, the Directive also provides for a prohibition of disposable tableware and Cutlery, drinking straws, cotton swab, balloon sticks and cups, and food packaging made of foamed polystyrene.

+++ 10.05 PM: Malaysia with their last male Sumatran Rhino +++

Malaysia has been worried to be the last male Sumatran Rhino. The more than 30-year-old animal, named Tam, which is in a reserve on the island of Borneo, at home, have virtually no chance to Survive, the animal protection organisation Borneo Rhino Alliance. The mortality was more in a matter of days than of weeks. According to a report in the daily newspaper “The Star” takes on Tam since April, hardly any food. It is suspected that the liver and kidneys are extremely weakened. Normally, Sumatra will-rhinos between 35 and 40 years old. In the meantime, had also been tried, Tam with two female animals together, so that there is some talent. This however, was not achieved. The two Rhino women are dead by now.

the Sumatran rhinos – the non-life despite the Name, only on the island of Sumatra – are on the whole in danger of extinction. It is estimated that there are in Sumatra and Borneo, only less than a hundred copies of it. Many rhinos have been because of their Horns, all kinds of properties are attributed to the victims of poachers.

+++ 10.02 am: Following a bus crash on the A9 in the Prosecutor’s office determined because of negligent killing +++

After the serious coach accident on the A9, the Prosecutor’s office has initiated a criminal investigation for negligent homicide. It is the beginning of suspicion that the 59-year-old Flixbus driver have caused the accident through negligence, informed the public Prosecutor’s office in Leipzig. In the accident on the highway in Saxony-Anhalt, near Leipzig, was killed on Sunday by a woman. Whose identity has not yet been clarified beyond doubt. A further nine people, including the bus driver, were heavy, and 63 people were slightly injured.

+++ 9.45 PM: delivery room ceiling after a lot of rain collapsed – six patients affected +++

After heavy rains, collapsed in a delivery room, lower Saxony, Helmstedt the ceiling. The room and the intensive care unit of the hospital were vacated. The fire brigade, a total of six people were affected – three women out of the maternity ward, and three intensive care patients. They were yesterday moved the evening from the hospital to other hospitals, such as the fire and rescue services today.

trigger of water damage was, therefore, to Deep “Axel”, which brought in many regions of Germany, heavy rainfall. The ceiling of the delivery room in Helmstedt collapsed, according to initial findings, after on the roof of the hospital due to a clogged downpipe rain water had jammed. Since the power went out, acknowledged the fire Department as a precaution, the adjoining intensive care unit. About 150 emergency workers from the fire brigade were on the spot.

+++ 9.03 PM: colleagues rescue buried construction worker +++

A construction worker was buried in a more than eight-Meter-deep pit in Cologne and his colleagues saved. “Fortunately, the upper part of his body stood out even from the ground, and he could not be freed through the help of his colleagues in the plight,” said the fire brigade in the Morning. Previously, was broken, according to the rescuers, a carrier planks wall at least in part. The man had worked in the pit and had been buried by Planks and earth. After the man was brought out of the pit, he came for the sake of safety in a hospital. Severe injury he had, according to the rescue workers.

+++ 8.07 PM: streets in Kassel p> flooded +++

+++ 8.02 PM: buddy since 2010 shed: new Zealand open Mine for the first time, again. + + +

eight and a half years after a major mine disaster in new Zealand with 29 dead, the crash site has been opened again for the first time. A Team of three experts broke the seal, with the the mine, Pike River Mine had been on the South island of the Pacific state in 2010, closed. In the next few months should be explored, what happened exactly at that time. It is not clear whether it is trying to recover the victims. In spite of all the entreaties of the families the bodies of 29 men after all these years, still under the earth.

In the case of the disaster in November 2010 can only save two miners. It was one of the worst Mine accidents in dhe new Zealand story. The access was nine days after the initial Explosion is closed, the search for Survivors. In total, there were four explosions. The survivors demand since then that the dead are recovered, and the backgrounds of its security. The fact-finding mission should cost more than 20 million euros.

+++ 7.22 PM: assassins of Christchurch formally charged because of terrorism +++

The Australian right-wing extremist Brenton Tarrant, made for the deadly attacks on mosques in Christchurch, new Zealand is responsible, is formally been convicted of terrorism charges. The new Zealand police announced. In addition to the terror charge has to answer Tarrant murder in 51 cases, and of attempted murder in 40 cases. The right-wing extremist had on 15. March, two mosques in Christchurch stormed and the fire on the believers opened. 51 people were killed. The deeds he transmitted live on the Internet.


Prince Williams’s touching encounter with five years of stroke victims

During his visit to new Zealand Prince William has visited in a hospital the victims of the terrorist attack of Christchurch. There was a touching encounter with a five-year-olds.

+++ 6.37 PM: Maduro for early parliamentary election in Venezuela +++

In the power struggle in Venezuela, President Nicolás Maduro for early parliamentary elections. “We accept the challenge to provide us with early elections to the national Assembly so that we can show with votes, who enjoys the support of the people,” wrote Maduro on Twitter. A possible appointment he called. The Opposition-controlled national representative is elected until the end of 2020. Guaidó dismissed Maduro’s proposal and reiterated its demand for an end to its “unlawful domination”.

The Opposition had won the parliamentary election by the end of 2015, by a large majority. The left-wing President Maduro was elected a year ago in the highly controversial presidential elections for a second term, which he began in January. President Juan Guaidó cried then to the interim President, and was recognized by more than 50 countries. He has since tried but in vain, to push Maduro with mass protests out of the office.

+++ 5.05 PM: the number of daily Spam Mails in Germany to 34% + + +

increased The amount of Spam Mails in Germany has increased significantly in the last year. According to statistics from the two leading E-Mail provider and GMX 2018 average of 150 million as a Spam to qualifying E-Mails reached their clients. These were, therefore, 38 million of these unpleasant E-Mails, more than in the year 2017, the increase amounted to 34 per cent.

Internet fraud

What happens if you respond to Spam e-Mails? Our author is in contact with a dictator’s daughter

Stephan mouse

In GMX and has the information that every second German will be E-Mail Inbox. Among the leading topics, trends the sender of this garbage news alleged Bitcoin gains, successes with Cannabis Oil, as well as the future, according to forecasts. The criminal Shipper tried also, increasingly, the Spam filters of the email provider trick. So in many cases only the individual letters in the subject line of an e-Mail, or in words that would be replaced by characters from a different Alphabet.

+++ 4.32 PM: Widodo officially the winner of the presidential election in Indonesia +++

Five weeks after the presidential election in Indonesia, the incumbent, Joko Widodo, is officially the winner has been declared. According to the now published results of the electoral Commission 55.5 percent of the votes accounted for the 57-year-old Widodo. His Challenger, Prabowo Subianto, came, therefore, to 44.4 percent. The result was announced out of fear of protests and unrest without prior notice. Had to make a choice on the 17. April place. The since 2014, President Widodo had made in the fight for a second term in office is always on its many infrastructure projects. Because of its human rights policy, he is subject to criticism.

+++ 2.56 PM: formula 1 legend Niki Lauda is dead +++

The three-time formula-1 world champion Niki Lauda is dead. The Austrians died yesterday at the age of 70 years, as his doctor, Walter Klepetko confirmed early in the Morning. A spokeswoman for the airline Lauda motion, put his name to Niki Lauda, wrote on behalf of the family of Lauda: “In deep sadness we announce that our beloved Niki passed away on Monday, 20.05.2019 in the circle of his family, peacefully. His unique achievements as an athlete and an entrepreneur are and will remain unforgettable.”

The 69-Year-old with the red cap as a trademark had to do since his serious accident on the Nürburgring in 1976 with health problems. Only just, he had thought at the time, the flames of Inferno. Not only his head was drawn to the skin due to severe burns. The later Airline owner moved, among other things, burns of the lung. In the summer of last year, Lauda had been lung transplanted. After a flu-disease, he had to be in January again was treated in the hospital. On the occasion of his 70. Birth day on may 22. February had thanked Lauda in a brief Audio message at the ORF for the congratulations with the words: “I come back and it’s a full-blown uphill.”

+++ 2.32 PM: Top-US-court of justice confirmed hunting rights for aboriginals +++

The Supreme court of the United States has strengthened the hunting rights of native American. Five of the nine judges agreed that in a Treaty of 1868 granted the hunting rights for the members of the indigenous peoples-people still apply today. In the case of Clayvin Herrera, who was killed in 2014 outside of the hunting season and without a hunting permit in the state of Bighorn forest in the U.S. state of Wyoming, together with other indigenous peoples-the members of a moose. The reserve of the indigenous peoples located in the neighboring state of Montana. The prosecution had argued that the hunting rights of the indigenous peoples-have expired people, since the state of Wyoming in 1890, to a US Federal state. Courts in Wyoming have followed this line of reasoning. Herrera’s lawyers, however, argued that the Treaty of Fort Laramie granted the hunting law for both States. The Supreme court in Washington gave the lawyers law.

+++ 1.31 PM: Scholz against rapid tax cuts to boost the economy +++

the Federal Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz, rapid tax has rejected cuts to stimulate the economy. “What we need now is no hectic action, but need to be smart to create the structural conditions for additional growth,” said the SPD politician of the “world”. An important factor here is investment in research and development to prevent Germany from techno to stay in a logical world. Therefore, the government put in these days for the first time, tax incentives for research and development for the company.

+++ 0.22 at: defeat for Trump in the dispute over financial records +++

In the dispute over the disclosure of his financial records to U.S. President Donald Trump is a defeat. Trump had put up a fight in court against the attempt of the Democrats in Congress to get a accounting company insight into its finances. A Federal judge dismissed trump’s objections in Washington, however, and ruled that the President could not block the prompt from the Congress. Trump criticized the decision and announced that it would however appeal.

+++ 0.02 PM: US companies are allowed to deliver Huawei’s three more months of technology +++

In the dispute to the exclusion of the network equipment supplier Huawei from the US market has granted the U.S. government a postponement of three months for technology exports to the Chinese telecommunications company. Until the middle of August the equipment of Huawei’s US technology is more possible, as it is called in a document of the U.S. Department of Commerce. This period of time will be needed for Software Updates, and the fulfilment of other contractual obligations. The US President Donald Trump issued a decree, the US company says the use of telecommunications technology, which is classified as a risk to the national security of the United States, will not be repealed by the postponement, however, was stated in the document.

trade dispute United States-China

Google revoked license: The users of Huawei need devices now

to know Google has suspended the cooperation with the Smartphone manufacturers and network equipment supplier Huawei. The background of the US President, Trump imposed decree. For the Chinese group, has far-reaching consequences. The users need to know now.

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