A cross-party group of Parliamentarians for a higher proportion of women in the Bundestag. You want to achieve, that the Parliament makes to this end a new Commission, said the SPD faction Vice-Katja Mast of the German press Agency in Berlin.

The Committee to submit concrete proposals. “We want to reach by legal means, parity,” said Mast. Today, only every third seat in the Bundestag is occupied by a woman. The group includes Parliamentarians from all the political groups except for the AfD.

The Green-Deputy Ulle Schauws, one of the initiators, said the dpa: “We greens are pleased that we have agreed to meet with the members of the other groups, concrete steps that bring us on the way to “More women in the Bundestag,” more.” The Commission, which is supposed to work under this Motto, to present in this legislature, a result, said Schauws.

The group came together in February for the first Time and had met since then, three Times. “We want to do something,” said Mast. Structural, legal changes to come in the current parliamentary term. Mast stressed, conceivable, several instruments in the electoral and political party law.

As the group explores the opportunities for a parity law. As the first German Federal state of Brandenburg was decided in January of such a law, according to the parties from the state election in 2024 the same number of women and men as candidates need to set up.

advocates of such schemes, article 3 of the basic law: “men and women are equal.” The state promotes the enforcement of equal rights for women and men. But there are also constitutional concerns. Critics see the principle of freedom of choice violated.

Beyond the Federal tags, the imbalance is in the parliaments often even greater. In the municipalities, only every fourth seat is occupied by a female, in the country days are in the average of 30 percent.