On Thursday afternoon, Theresa May, arrived in Brussels, while at home in London, the cleanup work is in full swing. The day before, she had enriched the great Brexit-acting yet a further facet, it was after already little pleasant hours in the Parliament, and subsequent Meetings in Downing Street in an erratic speech. And, therefore, members of Parliament, Cabinet members, and also many Britons infuriated. May turned in your seat to a standing Desk, said in front of cameras that they will ask Brussels to delay the Brexit-the exit at the end of June. Then, it was bitter and awkward. May attacked openly, the Parliament, and made the members responsible for ensuring that it goes ahead with the Brexit. They distanced her from them and tried to the people, and ingratiating – “I’m all yours.”

Where maneuvering Theresa May and the UK?

The “We-sit-in-a-boat”speech went on, however, the entire evening to the rear. For a number of reasons. First, May is so far away like no other Prime Minister of recent history. What iron are not summed up together, the Labour MP Jess Phillips on Twitter wonderfully authoritative: “I’m completely convinced that she has ever met people.”

And, secondly, on brought May with their brand of speech of even those parliamentarians, you are needed in the coming week urgent need to ensure that your previously twice already cracking failure of the Deal in the third attempt finally to get through and so that an orderly Brexit. Since this occurs the chances have fallen for it again. The obviously ill-advised May brought the art piece is finished to alienate the EU and the Parliament on one day.

to exit the EU

How Theresa May, with an “autocratic” Brexit-speech even more impossible made

In her and on top of everything late letter to EU Council President Donald Tusk called the 30. June, a specific date for the deferral, although Jean-Claude Juncker had warned against, as we Heard before, explicitly because they would take even the room for negotiation. You did it to the General bewilderment and a buckled before the European hard-liners of his own party, who hold a long shift of the outlet to be an abomination.

The atmosphere was already toxic, May it has poisoned totally without Need, even more, on top of that, the Chance used to approve the Deal next week, actually – and possibly her political fate. Now, everything is possible. Vote of no confidence, the resignation, new elections, the second Referendum, a No-Deal good-bye. Or, of course, a long Brexit-deferral and, ergo, the British participation in the European elections. The boundaries between Comedy and tragedy are far from fluent …

“Brexit – what next?” – a question and no answer

The social networks were certainly sore. On Twitter, the English best-selling author Jonathan Coe, sneered: “So what, you can’t invent. And I earn my money with the Invent of things.”

An Online Petition for the withdrawal of article 50 and the EU’s whereabouts reached within a few hours, more than a million votes, in between crashing the page under the burden of many clicks; this is no more than a Signal, but strong. On Thursday the non-partisan think tank “the UK in a Changing Europe” invited to a Briefing. The three British policy-professors Anand Menon, Steve Peers, and Sara Hobolt outlined under the title of “Brexit – what next?”, the possible scenarios for the coming weeks. But even these professionals, all brilliant analysts were surprised by the Level of incompetence. Peers said: “Either there is May become crazy. Or you actually expected a No-Deal and wants to blame now the Parliament.”

Menon, in turn, believes that it May need to your “bizarre appearance” of a miracle to bring the Deal across the finish line. And about as it could go and then continue:

May return from the EU summit from Brussels with the commitment, the Brexit to 22. May defer, if the precision of the lower house in the third attempt. You can vote on it. Them, which, given the balance of forces is unlikely to win it all looks after a child of the EU goodbye.You lose a relatively short, say, ten votes difference, would probably have a grace period of a day or two to try it a fourth Time. You lose, however, by a large majority, there are increasing signs that it May have to abdicate. Either out of free will, which is your stubborn nature, however. Or by a vote of no confidence. According to the state of things that would have a good Chance – and the government would have to resign.It remained then 14 days to make a new government. This is mathematically given the majority situation in Westminster is hardly possible and would probably make elections necessary. In addition, the Conservatives would have to elect a new top candidate, and possibly in disarray, in the election campaign. Sounds messy and it is also.For Brexit that means: David Liddington, acting as an unofficial Deputy of May, should be in the next week as a place holder to an emergency summit in Brussels and the EU is convinced that this new situation also requires new measures. The expert Anand Menon believes that the Europeans would not deal with you, shortly before the European elections stand out as those to the door would have beat the British in front of his nose. And it is not excluded that the UK would then have to apply for a long period of time extending significantly beyond a few months. The consequence, in European elections to participate.

Finally, although not necessarily likely: The EU, the tragedy of suffering, rejects and the British crack on 29. March, at midnight, in fact, from the Union.

You can all twist and turn and turn and turn, the prospects for the coming week in London and Brussels are anything but serene.