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Mega Millions results for Friday 05/01/20, jackpot worth $200 million

There’s no denying that nothing can beat the thrill and excitement of Megamillions. It is one of the most popular lottery games of all time. The best thing is that it offers all of us a chance to win a big amount of money called a jackpot. It is fun, entertaining, and easy to play. Have you lost your job and trying to look out for some easy ways to get some money? Do you have to pay a debt but can’t take out money due to the tough situation? Or are you trying to buy a new house? Why don’t you try out Mega Millions? There are many lucky people who have won the lottery.

How to play Mega Millions?

You can visit any lottery retailer in your state or play the game online. When you start playing each game is going to cost you only $2.The play slip of on Mega millions has five panels. You have to select five numbers from each of the panels. The top grid has a total of 70 numbers from where you can select five numbers. From the bottom grid, you have to select only one number and the total number offered to you will be 25. The number from the bottom grid will be the Mega Ball number.

You can even select numbers randomly from the play slip and choose the mega ball number free of any cost. So basically you have to select Mega balls and white balls from each of the set. Make sure that you check the mega million tickets so the information can be verified, especially the numbers you have selected.

How can you check the results of Mega Millions?

Mega million draws are telecasted on television and you can check the results directly from there. If you miss out on the chance to catch the live draw on television you can subscribe with the live feed and lottery results will come out on your phone. Most of the mega-million players have joined and subscribed to the VIP club. They keep getting emails and newsletters about the latest happenings. There will be frequent updates and winning number alerts of the lottery games. People who have won the lottery have shared their good experiences with others. After winning one game you can start playing another one without any issues.

What is Mega Million jackpot worth?

The official website of Mega Millions Jackpot has stated that their winning prize can go up to $155 million-$250 million. The winning amount can even go higher and the lucky winners can get their share of money. You can claim your prize and the best thing is that the money will deliver straight to your bank account. They don’t give the winning money with cash usually but if you ask them they will provide you in cash. The winning money will reach you in three-four weeks and there will be tax which is cut from your prize. The tax returns have been set by the Federal Government so paying tax is obligatory.

Mega Millions of results for Friday 05/01/20

Good news is that the draw for Mega Millions happens twice a week that is Tuesday and Friday. The winning amount for today goes up to $200 million. In the next few weeks the winning amount will be increasing. If you have missed the chance to win this time then do try your luck next time. The winning numbers for Friday 05/01/20 are 13, 19, and 53,54,63,17.

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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