When I started at the Marienhof digging, there is still no connection to the subsequent Tunnel of the second trunk line. Therefore, the Transport of excavated and construction materials is carried out according to the railway over the road. As the main transport route, the connection is provided Hofgraben – Maximilian street, the direction of the motorway A94. A logistics concept that can not understand Porzig. “It can’t be that on the one hand, plans for a car-free city centre, are forged, and on the other hand, the railway is permitted, that the 77,000 forty-tonner over the years, clog up the center and compromise,” wrote the expert at the German Federal railway authority (EBA), the competent Supervisory authority. To residents and business driving noise, stench, pollution and road damage to come. The risk of accidents will increase.

His proposal: an underground removal of soil over the Rail. This solution requires only a “Change in the Construction process”: First, the Tunnel will be built, then the stations. The concept he had in 2005 for a patent. At that time, the train refused – “obviously, only because you wanted to create with the early construction of the breakpoint Marienhof with a fait accompli, for at that time not yet approved further construction in the direction of Ostbahnhof,” he says Porzig. He wrote to Alt-WHETHER it’s Building and WHETHER rider. Both have referred to the adherence to the time plan, the make a construction Change impossible. The Porzig not apply. “Once the completion for 2016 it was planned. Now the route 2026 to go into operation. With the main work but not yet started.“ Nevertheless, the railway wool stick to the original construction.

+ The second trunk route will be constructed to relieve the first, to around ten kilometers.© FKN underground removal of soil? The Deutsche Bahn

for good reason, says a railway spokesperson says: “to build The complete Tunnel first, and then the stations on it, would take longer, would be more expensive, and the technical level of difficulty would be greater.” The running-in of tunnel boring machines in the already-made station areas is the safer method, just in 40 meters depth. Also, would be saved Went out on the road: “thanks to the optimized design, we can reduce the Truck trips over the entire construction period at the main station, from 100,000 to 75,000, on the Marienhof from 41.500 to 38,500.” The optimization at the Marienhof: Instead of one larger and three smaller pits only a large pit is excavated. This saves the support walls, which reduces Material and Transportation.

The EBA had to deal with his concept of “again”, calls Porzig to our newspaper. “The railway has requested a re – zoning process for the construction of the second trunk line to the EBA because of planning changes to the Central railway station and Marienhof.” The EBA is obliged to raise the objections again.

“it’s heavy”: a local resident says + resident Daniela fern hammer is against the removal of the excavated material on the Marienhof with Trucks.© Achim Schmidt

A normal conversation with my clients is because of the noise often. Last year I had a 25 percent loss in sales. I have many older customers who come by Taxi. Have problems with directions because of the construction vehicles. An underground transport would be a dream! Daniela fern hammer (51), owner of a hair salon at the Marienhof.

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Jill Smith