Meet yourself in this Instagram museum

Instagram museum
Instagram museum

Museum will open its doors on the Weesperzijde next week. As the name suggests, you will find yourself in this Instagram Museum: you can take so many photos of yourself that it is almost scary.

And that is precisely the intention. People can upload a photo on the website prior to a visit to the Weesperzijde. Once arrived at the museum, an interactive tour is offered with the main role: your own head.

You wouldn’t think anything special. Instagram worthy museums are no longer a novelty. In Museum too, elements such as an ‘ infinity room ‘ in which you see yourself infinitely often, provide nice photo material – indeed, for your social media timelines. In the ‘ like factory ‘ you will be buried under digital confirmation. And for those who have not had enough of themselves after the tour, you can buy items with their own head on them in the museum shop.

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But between making and posting selfies, it is primarily the intention that you take a moment to consider all that ‘You’ around you. Because how important are you yourself? The museum opens on November 8, the day that the Media Literacy Week starts. The museum challenges visitors to think carefully about their own media use. In other words, self-reflection, in the most literal sense of the word.

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