It had been almost 15 years that the idea of providing every citizen of a digital medical file, shared by all health-care professionals, has been issued. The minister of Health of the time was called Philippe Douste-Blazy. His successors have approached the subject, but never to completion. Millions of euros have been invested (at least 210 between 2004 and the end of 2011, according to the Court of accounts). Agnès Buzyn is this time determined. The minister of Health invited all French people to open a DMP, either on the Internet or at their pharmacist, touting a tool that would allow the “saving of time, may be-savings, streamlining of care, but” above all a tool of sharing information to make the best medicine “.

The device was tested in 2016 in 9 departments. This first phase of development has enabled the creation of 550 000 DMP in 18 months, until may 2018. By adding those of the previous decade and the more recent, nearly 1.9 million of DMP are now open, according to the health Insurance. We are still far from the goal of $ 40 million of DMP within the next 5 years ” that is part of an agreement between the sickness Insurance and the national Union of health professionals. But the number of beneficiaries is expected to increase very rapidly, writes Nicolas Revel. The director general of the health Insurance explained this morning, in The Daily life of the doctor, as he relies in particular on the pharmacists. These affect one euro per new DMP. According to him, nearly 8,000 pharmacies open on a daily basis from such records, and over a hundred dispensaries are equipped currently each day to do this.

Your history of care in the last 24 months

Each person can now open its folder, either online or from agents of the health insurance funds. On the dedicated website, one learns that the DMP is the only service that allows you to meet at the same place ” your history of care in the last 24 months automatically provided by your health Insurance, your exam results to [radio, biological analyses…], contact information of your friends and relatives to notify in case of emergency, your medical history [pathology, allergies…] and reports of hospitalizations “. Called to change, and this folder will incorporate as of April 2019 a space “reserved for advance directives” and will be a new version of the mobile application, more ergonomic, provides health Insurance, which will automatically inject the “payment history” of procedures and drugs over the last two years.

Remains to be seen how many hospitals and medical offices have software that can easily and quickly integrate documents in the records of their patients. During the 18 months of experimentation, only 18 % of physicians have fueled the DMP. But this does not worry the authorities who believe in a collective training. It will be necessary to ensure that – finally – the development of this document, which should remain non-mandatory and that each patient will be free to share it with his doctor, his physio or his nurse.