France’s former President Nicolas Sarkozy has inserted according to the media, in the legal tug-of-war a criminal case, a defeat and must answer now before the court.

The court of cassation in Paris rejected the appeal by Mr Sarkozy against a process, reported the AFP news Agency, citing not. The Ex-President must face, therefore, now, allegations of bribery and influence a process. The court of cassation confirmed the first.

Sarkozy should have tried in 2014, through its legal counsel, to gain an advocate General at the court of cassation secret information. The politician is suspected to have in return offered to assist the lawyers when applying for a consultant post in the Principality of Monaco. Sarkozy, from 2007 to 2012 head of state, had denied the allegations always.

The allegations against Sarkozy are based on the use of wiretapped telephone conversations of the politician with his lawyer Thierry Herzog. The legality of this months-long Wiretap had been a violent quarrel.

The threatening process is not currently the only legal site for the Ex-President. The French justice opened in the past year, an investigation for illicit campaign financing from Libya. Also, because of the Exceeding of the statutory limit for the election campaign, a process against Sarkozy is closer to expenditure at the time of his re-election campaign in 2012 to 20 million Euro moves.