The Attempts of urban communities against homeless people to arrive are endless: barbed wire, barricades, tent bans. Officials in West Palm Beach a try now, however, a new and slightly different method: “Baby Shark” in a continuous loop. The reason is the rising number of homeless that night at the lake pavilion of the city is.

In the case of “Baby Shark” is a extremely well-known and very often repetitive children’s song that is now played at night in a loop around the pavilion. In addition to “Baby Shark” is played in addition, a further Kinderhit with the name “Raining Tacos”.

The tactic is reminiscent of the booming music, with the American interrogators of the prisoners in the war against Iraq and Afghanistan have tormented, declared that “CBS News”. With the method, officials of the town try not to torment but to the homeless, but to prevent much more that you gather in the first place in the Park.

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water, sun cream and co.: As we are homeless in the heat can help

venue for weddings and birthdays

the pavilion is a glass-walled sided Church building with views of the large lawn of the city Park. Last year alone, the venue for the venue for more than 164 events – including weddings, business meetings and birthday parties. Also this year, the city expects that the event space will contribute up to 240.000 US dollars, writes “CBS News”.

Leah Rockwell, the municipal Directorate of Parks and green spaces, said Event employees and customers should not have to over sleeping homeless people to stumble, if you organize in the early hours of the morning events. Similarly, a bride or a birthday girl should have to climb over sleeping people, when they left on the evening of your Party.

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coffee”? Tea? Long Under-Pants?” – on-the-go with the anti-cold-help in Hamburg,

Of Katharina Grimm A temporary measure

“people pay a lot of money in order to use this facility for their Events. Thousands of Dollars can be the cost,” says Rockwell of the “Palm Beach Post”. “We want to make sure that the people who pay this money have a clean Location and this also in the future want to use it.”

In his statement for “CBS News” was confirmed by a city spokesman that the permanently ongoing music in the Park was a “temporary measure”. He added that it was only a matter of the coming Together of the homeless and to restrict and to encourage you to use one of the many available points of contact, in order to find a more appropriate shelter.

sources : “CBS News” / “Palm Beach Post”

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