The Federal Cabinet wants to bring several important laws in the field of health on the way. Decided the planned “measles protection law”. Children and students, as well as in medicine and in community facilities-working Employees will have to be vaccinated against measles.

The vaccination for day care and for residents and staff in asylum accommodation. In the event of violations with high fines of up to 2500 euros. Unvaccinated children may not be adopted by kindergartens. According to the government later approved by the Bundestag.

the theme of the Cabinet is also a law that aims to strengthen pharmacies. For night and emergency services you should get more money, Online pharmacies are allowed by law to grant to the Insured in the case of prescription drugs, no more discounts, and pharmacies will in future be allowed to provide influenza vaccinations. But that should be tried first in the regional model projects.

the Chronically Ill can pick up according to the law in the future, with a prescription up to three Times a medicine at the pharmacy. On the agenda in the Cabinet, a bill is in addition to the Reform of the auditing profession in the health care system – so that, for example, the Review of hospital Billings should be improved.

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