imagine that you visit a McDonald’s store in Vienna, and while you are waiting for your order, orders an American Tourist next to you is not a Burger, but asks for help because he lost his passport. The employees correspond to the request and pick up the phone. A few hours later, the man holds his new passport in Hand. What sounds like a scene from a Comedy series, is in Austria soon become a reality.

as a result, the currently-194 Austrian branches of the fast food Gigantsyokimi to the mediation point for help-seeking Americans. The Austrian-based U.S. Ambassador Trevor D. Traina agreed with McDonald’s Austria. The staff are trained accordingly and should be a place for American tourists, and in Austria-working Americans a kind of outside of the Embassy. A 24-hour Hotline, the people should be routed through McDonald’s to get your message.

McDonald’s is to just

to convey Who should that come as an American, but now the idea that you can extend at the next highway rest stop, just be a visa, you thought wrong. The branches are designed to merely act as a mediator. The Background of the great reputation of the fast-food chain among the citizens of the United States. So Americans residing in Austria, in case of problems, McDonald’s help, and the concerns of the customers to the embassies. Everything else is the responsibility alone of the American consulates.

On the Facebook presence of the US-American Embassy in Vienna, the “Agreement” between the United States and Austria are very good. Some Users hold the partnership is a very good idea, other amuse in turn. In any case, the agreement has caused a lot of attention and will be used in the future, according to often.

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