Mayor of Venice Closed St. Mark’s Square

St. Mark's Square
St. Mark's Square

The world famous St. Mark’s Square in Venice is closed on Friday due to flooding in the city. That determined mayor Luigi Brugnaro.

Venice has been underwater for days due to heavy rainfall and extremely high water levels. The Italian government declared a state of emergency on Thursday.

“I am forced to close St. Mark’s Square because of the health risks for citizens. It is a disaster, “Brugnaro said Friday. At its peak, the water reached a height of 187 centimeters on Tuesday evening. That is only 7 centimeters lower than the record that was measured in 1966.

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has now set aside 20 million euros for emergency aid. He said the floods “hit the heart of Italy.”

Victim lightning strike

A man died in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday due to heavy weather. The 78-year-old victim was struck by lightning while pumping water away. Furthermore, many squares and historic buildings have been flooded. The San Marco Basilica on the square of the same name would be flooded for the sixth time in 1200 years.

St Marks Square closed

“It’s shocking to see this,” said a Mexican tourist. “You just stand in the water until your knees. You have to be here to believe it. Hopefully, this will never happen again.”

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