The British Prime Minister, Theresa May wants to inform the Parliament in London today about their new Brexit Plan. On Tuesday, she had surprisingly been a vote on a possible second Brexit Referendum in prospect.

a precondition is, however, that the members of the outlet of the draft law to the agreement for the EU in Britain in the second reading by waving. The legislative procedure at the beginning of June is considered the last hope for the Brexit Deal, the May with the EU, which had already been negotiated. May continues to get their concessions enough support in the lower house, in order to bring the Brexit Deal is still on the target line.

The head of government was a failure with the Brexit-the agreement with three votes in the British Parliament. Discussions with the Labour Opposition on a compromise were then passed without result. Actually, the UK had the EU is already on 29. March to leave. The deadline for the EU outlet now up to 31. October extended. Of necessity, the UK must, therefore, on 23. May participate in the election to the European Parliament. The British had voted in June 2016 in the case of a referendum with a narrow majority for withdrawal from the EU.