The British Prime Minister, Theresa May wants to bring in June, its Brexit Deal on a detour again to the Parliament.

The law to the EU exit agreement will not be tabled in the first week of June to Parliament, informed the British government Downing Street on Tuesday evening. It was necessary to exit from the EU before the summer recess of Parliament at the end of July. In the first week of June, US President, Donald Trump comes for a state visit to the UK.

May is failed with your with Brussels negotiated Brexit Deal so far, three Times in the lower house. The act of leaving the EU agreement is necessary in order to make the agreement into UK law, effectively, was actually, as a pure formality. Now it could be the resource for May, in order to save their Deal. With the adoption of the law at the same time, the need for a separate consent to the Brexit could be repealed agreement. A fourth vote on the Deal would then no longer be necessary, provided May to get a majority.

the head of government seems to continue to help the Opposition. May had met the evening with the head of the Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn. The conversation had been “useful and constructive”, – stated in the message. The talks between the government and the Opposition would continue as a “stable majority” seeks to bring the law to exit the agreement through Parliament.