In the competition for the post of Tory party leader and future British Prime Minister, the conservative member of Parliament from the filter today, another candidate.

The remaining field of five candidates in a third round of elections and by Thursday, once again, reduced to two to be reduced. The two remaining candidates will then compete in a runoff election against each other, where Ex-foreign Minister, Boris Johnson is considered to be already set for the duel.

Johnson received in the second round on Tuesday 126 of the 313 votes from the Tory group. He may make great hopes to inherit Theresa May at the helm of the party and the government. Still in the race Secretary Jeremy Hunt (46 votes), the environment Minister, Michael Gove (41), development aid Minister Rory Stewart (37), as well as interior Minister Sajid Javid (33) are next to him on the outside. Ex-Brexit-Minister Dominic Raab, by contrast, remained on the track.

Johnson could not Shine in a TV debate on the BBC on Tuesday evening. But a serious lapse of his verbal missteps well-known politicians did not also. In addition, could impose none of the other candidates, as a compelling counter-candidate to Johnson.

as a secret favorite for the role of Johnson-a player traded development Minister Stewart disappointed the hopes of his followers with a weak appearance. After he doubled in the second vote, the number of his supporters almost, it now seems doubtful whether he will survive the third round on Wednesday. Stewart does not want to act as the sole candidate of the Brexit agreement once again post. A Brexit without agreement, only he rejects alone decided. confront

Attempts, Stewart with the supposed shadow of his past, could harm him yet…. Admitting to have once in Iran, an opium pipe is pulled, and speculation about a possible activity at the foreign markets contributed intelligence service MI6 to its reputation. In the TV appearance on Tuesday, Stewart felt, however, visibly uncomfortable, slipped on his chair back and forth and laid in the middle of the debate his tie.

In the next round on Wednesday, the votes can be submitted between 16 (CEST) and 18 o’clock. A result is expected around 19 o’clock. Also on Thursday, the number of candidates to be reduced in two election rounds. At the latest at the evening, the two candidates for the random choice. Who of them is party leader and therefore Prime Minister, should decide the 160,000 to conservative party members.

according to the survey, Johnson on the Basis of the undisputed leader is. Many to trust him, disappointed Brexit-regain voters who have turned away from the Tories. By the end of July, should be concluded, who will be the new head of government in the United Kingdom.