In the British Parliament there will be in this week still no vote on the interim Prime Minister, Theresa May, and the EU negotiated Brexit agreement.

The so-called meaningful vote (meaning full) is up to 12. March to take place, reported by May on Sunday on the flight to the summit of the EU with the Arab League to Egypt.

“It’s still in our reach, the European Union, with an agreement on the 29. To leave in March,” said May. Critics accuse her of, to play in the dispute about the Brexit.

The deputies had secured a kind of right of Veto for the agreement with Brussels, The government can only draw, if earlier, the Parliament has agreed. The vote is therefore referred to as a “meaningful vote”, as a “meaningful vote”. Thereafter, a legislative process is still necessary in order to make the contract legally binding.

In the vote on the next Brexit-steps next Wednesday in London’s Parliament, however, it remains. Before May will deliver on Tuesday in a statement.

At the edge of the two-day summit meeting in Egypt want to advise May also with EU Council President Donald Tusk.