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publication of the new Brexit Plan is died moved (12.57 p.m.), writer Judith Kerr (11.44 PM)CJ: customers do not need to send back the bulky products in case of defects (10.52 p.m.)report: Theresa May explains in brief your resignation (7.48 PM), Horst Köhler, the UN office (6.56 p.m.)lays down Ten Dead in clash in Mexico (6.28 PM)

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+++ 14.56 at: higher administrative court classifies the NPD election posters as a race baiting a +++

The controversial election posters of the far-right NPD are race baiting. The decision of the higher administrative court (OVG) in the Saxon town of Bautzen. It thus rejected a complaint by the NPD. The city of Zittau, had the posters with the Slogans “stop the Invasion: Migration kills!” and “resistance now” depend, let.

With the posters of the NPD attack the human dignity of all in Germany, migrants to live, reasoned the court for its decision This part of the population will be made “maliciously, in a way, contemptible, which is suitable to disturb the public peace”, – stated in the decision (Az.: 3 B 155/19)

+++ 14.48 PM: EU experts: Slight increase in Russian Fake News shortly before the election +++

Russian electoral influence has increased in the days before the European elections, according to an EU expert group easily. There had been a slight increase in those cases, the EU’s attack, said in a published report of the foreign service of the EU (EEAD). “Yes, there is a wave (…) to spread disinformation and hate speech aimed at Europe,” said the spokesman for the European Commission, Margaritis Schinas.

+++ 14.25 PM: Slovakian Ex-Minister of murder in order to court +++

The former Slovak economic Minister and media Mogul Pavol Rusko is as a defendant of a felony in court. The 55-Year-old is said to have ordered in the year 1997 in the case of a local mafia group, the murder of his former business partner, Sylvia Volz. Implemented the murder plan, not only because the chief of the mafia group had been arrested for other offences. Rusko threatens in the event of a conviction, long prison life.

The indictment is based primarily on the statements of the former mafia boss Mikulas Cernak, and another of the three co-defendants. They had confessed to the police of the murder plan and Rusko, as the Client called. Cernak and his alleged accomplices are already veurteilt because of other killings by law to lifelong prison sentences.

+++ 13.15: Kai Gniffke the new SWR-intendant elected +++

The editor-in-chief of ARD-aktuell, Kai Gniffke, has been elected as the new intendant of the südwestrundfunk (SWR). The 58-Year-old was in Stuttgart in the second ballot, a majority of the radio and the Board of Directors of the transmitter. His counter candidate, the SWR-country channel Director, Baden-Württemberg, Stefanie Schneider (57). The previous SWR-Intendant Peter Boudgoust (64) had announced last December, his Post in mid-2019 in advance to make.

+++ 12.57 PM: release of the new Brexit Plan is moved +++

The British government wants to submit but on this Friday the draft law for the Brexit Treaty. A member of the government announced in the Parliament.

The legislative process is considered the last Chance to save the Brussels negotiated Brexit Deal, the Prime Minister, Theresa May is still. She had announced concessions to the Brexit-hardliners in his conservative party and to the Opposition. Also a vote on whether the Deal should be presented to the British people in a Referendum, was planned.

+++ 12.47 PM: the Federal cartel office user reviews in the Internet under the magnifying glass +++

The Federal cartel office wants to take the user reviews in the Internet more closely. “There is evidence that user reviews are not fake rarely, or manipulated,” said cartel office President Andreas Mundt in Bonn. They are in addition to the price the most important decision-making criterion for consumers when buying Online. And many consumers are familiar also in the choice of the doctor, the craftsman, or the Restaurants on the judgments of other users on the Internet.

With a sector inquiry, the competition authority will take in the coming months, the problems with the reviews more closely. Many operators of Internet should be questioned-portals.

+++ 12.26 PM: court actor Geoffrey Rush speaks million in compensation to +++

Due to slander an Australian newspaper has to pay the Hollywood actor, Geoffrey Rush is a compensation in the millions. How the Australian media reported that a court ruled on Thursday, the Sydney-published Daily Telegraph had to pay two million US dollars (1.8 million euros) to Rush. The sheet was published in 2017 on its front page a report stating that Rush is supposed to have harassed a female colleague sexually.

The court in Sydney had come to the conclusion that the “Telegraph”report “is careless, irresponsible sensational journalism” is. The newspaper, which belongs to the Empire of media Mogul Rupert Murdoch, an appeal against first appeal.

The Rush is now awarded sum, according to the daily newspaper “The Age”, the highest compensation payment, which will be a single person in Australia.

+++ 12.23 PM: autopsy results: Three women in the Vienna apartment and starved to death +++

The three women were discovered on Tuesday found dead in an apartment in Vienna, are starved to death. “A judicial autopsy was carried out. According to the current state can be assumed to be death by Starvation,” said police spokesman Patrick Maierhofer, the Austrian news Agency APA. Traces of a poisoning had not been discovered after an initial Toxicological investigation.

Amthor-replica canceled

CDU turns apparently Video response to Youtuber Rezo wants to you but not to publish

+++ 11: 58: CDU wants to invite Youtuber Rezo, after criticism, to exchange opinions +++

The CDU wants to invite the Youtuber Rezo according to information from the German press Agency, after the sharp criticism to an exchange of views. Originally created as a reaction to the critical Statements made by the Youtubers-planned Internet Video of a young German Bundestag Deputy Philip Amthor will not be published, it said. It has agreed to this information, the party top.

In the Video, the Youtubers Rezo it is, the CDU destroy “our lives and our future”. It was clicked through to Thursday afternoon, almost five million times. Rezo accuses the Christian Democrats, among other things, to be in the area of climate change, idly, to make policy for the Rich and of “blatant incompetence” when it comes to copyright law and drug policy.

+++ 11.44 am: a writer, Judith Kerr died +++

The German-born children’s book author Judith Kerr is dead. The British citizen died at the age of 95 years, told her publisher HarperCollins in London. Your in Germany probably the most famous book is “Hitler and the pink rabbit steel”, in which she tells the story of their escape in 1933, with her Jewish family from Nazi-Germany via Switzerland and France to England.

+++ 11.14 am: Bosch pays for the diesel scandal of the 90 million Euro fine +++

The automotive supplier Bosch, pays because of the diesel scandal 90 million Euro fine. The Stuttgart public Prosecutor has imposed the penalty against Bosch because of “negligent breach of the duty of supervision in companies,” as the judicial authority announced. Bosch had not lodged an appeal, the money will be paid within six weeks of the state of Baden-Württemberg.

+++ 11.08 PM: Six tourists from Brazil dead in apartment in Chile +++

discovered Six tourists from Brazil have been found in an apartment in the Chilean capital, Santiago de Chile dead. The alerted police found in the Apartment in the centre of the million city a strong gas smell and discovered the bodies of four adults and two teenagers, according to the newspaper “La Tercera” reported. The fire level in the apartment there is an increased concentration of carbon monoxide, as she wrote on Twitter. It was unclear initially where and why the Gas leaked could be. As a precautionary measure, neighbouring flats were evacuated.

+++ 11.03 PM: Interpol: 50 children from pedophile network in the Darknet saved +++

The international police authorities have smashed a paedophile network in the Darknet operated. In Thailand, the USA and Australia, there were nine arrests, and high prison sentences, the police organization Interpol announced in Lyon. The youngest of the abused children, therefore, was only 15 months old. Another 50 children were rescued from the grasp of the Criminals”,” it said.

+++ 10.57 PM: process, murder attempt with poison in the food – ten and a half years in prison +++

In a process to poisoned food a woman has been sentenced to ten and a half years in prison for the attempted murder of her husband. The district court of Munich I sentenced the 74-Year-old in addition, because of dangerous bodily injury. The prosecution had accused the woman, to have your husband the potato salad served in the antifreeze had been mixed. According to the investigators, they wanted to the heritage of her husband. The now 82-Year-old survived the fact. The prosecution had demanded twelve years ‘ imprisonment.

+++ 10.52 PM: ECJ: customers do not need to send back the bulky products in case of defects +++

consumers need to bulky after a ruling by the European court of justice (ECJ) or to send hard-to-transport products in case of defects, not necessarily back. If the Transport of considerable inconvenience, would be associated, would have to deal with the seller that stated the judges in Luxembourg (case C-52/18). Ultimately, it’ll come but on the relevant product and the individual case.

The top EU judges dealt with a case from Germany. A man had a tent over the phone, in his opinion, a lack of party – size, five-by-six-meters – purchased. He demanded the removal of the damage or the delivery of a new tent. The manufacturer denied the defects.

+++ 10.44 PM: China’s appeal to the U.S. for the treatment of Huawei, a +++

China has officially lodged a complaint with the United States over the treatment of the Huawei group. The spokesman of the Ministry of Commerce in Beijing spoke of “economic bullying” on the part of the United States. The best answer of the Chinese companies is “to continue to grow”. Beijing lodged an official Protest in Washington.

The people’s Republic is against a decision of the US government to put Huawei and its subsidiaries on a black list. The US is afraid of espionage. US President, Donald Trump has says in addition, companies of his country by decree, the use of telecommunications technology, which is classified as a security risk. As the main goal, Huawei is also here. Since then, numerous companies have responded, and restricted their cooperation with Huawei.

trade dispute United States-China

Google revoked license: The users of Huawei need devices now

to know Google has suspended the cooperation with the Smartphone manufacturers and network equipment supplier Huawei. The background of the US President, Trump imposed decree. For the Chinese group, has far-reaching consequences. The users need to know now.

+++ 9.53 PM: the media: at Least three Dead in severe weather in the U.S. +++

since The days of the raging storm in the Midwest of the United States, according to media at least three people, reports, cost the lives of. The dead were reported from the state of Missouri, near the already 2011 devastated the city of Joplin, as the US broadcaster NBC reported, citing local authorities.

the northwestern capital of Missouri, Jefferson City, was shortly before midnight by a “brutal” Tornado hit, wrote the National weather service NWS on Twitter. Governor Mike Parson said that some people were trapped in there. Reports about the victims first.

+++ 8.56 PM: Turkey: Another hearing in the trial against Mesale Tolu begins +++

In Istanbul, has started a further hearing in the trial against the German Translator and a journalist Mesale Tolu. Tolu was not present. The originally scheduled hearing of a “secret witness” should be moved. In the summer they had, after months of detention and a ban on Leaving the leave.

The prosecution alleges that Tolu, her husband, Suat Corlu and a group of other defendants, membership in the extreme left-wing Marxist-Leninist Communist party, MLKP. The applies in Turkey as a terrorist organization. For this purpose, the court could impose a penalty of up to 20 years.


Prior to the verdict in the process

Mesale Tolu between prison and hope: “I. longing for Istanbul”

Eight months Mesale Tolu in Turkey in prison, partly, together with your little son The Accusation: Terrorism. Soon the judgment in your process falls in Istanbul. In the star Interview, the German-Turkish journalist reveals why you however, not with the Turkey abgconcluded has.

+++ 7.48 PM: report: resignation of Theresa May expected +++

As the British newspaper “Times” reported, is expected to be Prime Minister Theresa May to explain on Friday her resignation. The sheet refers to the political allies of the 62-Year-old, come from this step.

+++ 7.02 PM: predictions: Modi’s ruling party after elections in India clearly in the lead +++

The party of Indian Prime Minister Narendra modi after the parliamentary elections, according to forecasts, clearly in the lead. Two hours after the start of the counting of the hindu-nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) led to 277 of 542 constituencies, clearly informed the election Commission in New Delhi. The elections in the largest democracy in the world had extended over several weeks.

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