less than a month before the planned EU wants to bring the outlet, the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, today, the deputies in London on the latest state-of-the Brexit talks.

On Wednesday, the parliamentarians have once again the opportunity, over other procedures. However, May came under more pressure after the opposition Labour party announced on Monday evening that she supported the call for a second Brexit Referendum.

The head of government is trying so far in vain, to improvements to the Brussels negotiated exit agreement. A re-vote on in January by the Parliament with an overwhelming majority, rejected a Deal May therefore closed this week. She promised, however, the agreement to 12. To March again to the vote.

May want to fend off a looming revolt in the camp of the EU-friendly members in your group. Dozens of Tory MPs and several Ministers are threatening to snatch the head of government on Wednesday in control of the process, it should not extend the leaving period in consideration. You want to prevent the risk of unregulated Brexits with drastic consequences for the economy and many other areas of life. The UK wants to on 29. In March the EU is to leave. May refuses a shift so far categorically.