looking for a solution in the Brexit-armed, the British Prime Minister Theresa May is coming on Thursday once again to Brussels.

May is going to introduce EU Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker, your ideas, and Juncker will receive the Prime Minister “with joy and hear what she has to say,” said a Commission spokesman on Tuesday.

May is hoping to legally binding Changes to the Brexit-the agreement provided for a guarantee for an open border between British Northern Ireland and the EU Ireland. The May made during a speech in the Northern Irish capital Belfast on Tuesday. The so-called Backstop is considered to be the main obstacle to ratification of the agreement.

at the same time May, reiterated its commitment to an open border between the two Parts of the island of Ireland. “Northern Ireland does not have to rely on the Irish government or the European Union, in order to prevent a return to the borders of the past,” said May. “The British government will not allow that to happen. I’m not going to let that happen,” she added. Nevertheless, Changes to the warranty for an open border in the outlet agreement. Only then the contract is through the British Parliament.

May had negotiated with the EU a comprehensive exit agreement, but in mid-January in the British Parliament, not a majority. Under great time pressure, before the Brexit-date 29. March wants to enforce them now in Brussels Changes in order to bring the ratification of the Treaty, and to prevent a chaotic break. On Wednesday will meet in May with representatives of the various parties in Northern Ireland, before she travels on Thursday to Brussels.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed in Japan again in the hope of a timely agreement that would mitigate the economic damage. Merkel said in Tokyo, two months is not long, but still a bit of time. “This time should be from all sides”, – said the CDU politician. “But it would be very important to what exactly the British side in terms of their relationship to the European Union presents.”

The EU refuses to date any Change to the Brexit Treaty. Therefore, the expectations of may’s visit in Brussels is low. The EU’s Position is known and has not changed, said Juncker’s spokesman on Tuesday. The Backstop is a Central component of the Treaty.

The EU had only in view to negotiate once again about the Political statement, which supplements the Treaty. It gives an Outlook on the future of relations between the EU and the UK. In the case of a close partnership with customs Union, or even access to the EU internal market, the Backstop might be superfluous.

this is also what Angela Merkel highlighted in her speech. From a customs Union to a very narrow trade agreements, everything is conceivable, said the Chancellor. The Irish border issue is very complicated. However, “should you find, actually, for such a precisely descriptive of the Problem according to human judgment, is also a solution”.

Prior to May, the Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar comes to Brussels, to the line agreed with the EU leaders. Ireland holds a key position in the negotiations. The government wants to make sure that there is no fixed limit with control points is formed for the British in Northern Ireland, because otherwise new violence in the former civil war is feared region.

Should it not succeed May, in Brussels, to enforce and to the Parliament a revised contract package to the vote, she wants to submit, at the latest, next Wednesday in Parliament a statement. Then the members will vote again on how to proceed.