head of government on a diplomatic Mission Shortly before the EU special summit to Brexit is looking for the British Prime Minister, Theresa May’s support for German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the French President, Emmanuel Macron.

Merkel wants to avoid a Brexit, without the Deal it could come to that without an extension of the deadline for the British but already this Friday. Macron looks to be a further shift of the exit, however, with great skepticism. The European Union could not be permanently hostage to a political crisis in the UK, had he declared last week.

May want to. this Wednesday on the EU special summit in Brussels to extend the exit period to 30 June ask. The European Union insists on a Plan of Mays, as it is in tug-of-war in order to exit from the EU should go to the British specifically. So far, the bickering British has given the lower house the of May with the EU negotiated Brexit Deal three Rebuffs.

The Parliament will then debate this Tuesday now through may’s proposal for the new deadline and could propose a different date. The voice had assured the members only in the night, by law, to prevent a departure from the community without agreement.

The government had rejected the law, which was presented by the Labour MP Yvette Cooper, as unnecessary. Cooper explained that both chambers of the Parliament have made it clear that a No-harmful to Deal, among other things, jobs, medical care and security in the country.

the talks between the government and the Opposition continue to go on Tuesday to find a way out of Brexit-cul-de-SAC. The Labour party had previously practiced strong criticism of the negotiations: There is hardly any movement on the part of the government, criticised the Opposition.

so Far, the Brexit for Friday (12. April) is planned, if necessary, without agreement with the EU. The exit on the 22. May, in addition to move, should the UK participate in a day later at the election of the EU Parliament, as a government spokeswoman said on Monday. The British always choose Thursdays, that would be the 23. May. In the EU, from Thursday, 23. May until Sunday, 26. May.

Both in the UK and in other EU countries, there are reservations against the participation of the British in the election. So far, no compromise between the warring political camps, but in London it in perspective, what is the relationship between the EU and the UK after the divorce.

Tusk had proposed a delay of the Brexits of up to twelve months – with the Option to leave the EU sooner, if an agreement on a Brexit-succeed Deal. Originally, the exit from the community was already in place for the 29. March planned.

The top-candidate of the conservative European people’s party (EPP) for the European election, Manfred Weber, has expressed scepticism over a longer period of Brexit-delay. “Long-term Contract is not the right way,” said the CSU politician before the EU special summit to Brexit on Wednesday, the “Passauer Neue Presse” (Tuesday). A prerequisite for a renewed extension of the deadline was that the British policy declare, “what company wants to you in this time”. And if it does not give fast results, would decide the British: “The new elections, or a second Referendum would then be:.”