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Tsunami in Indonesia: more than 370 Dead (14.18 PM)”Massive violence”: two corpses in the Nordhausen discovered (13.16 PM)Christmas address: Steinmeier warns of speechlessness (5.04 p.m.)circus performer in a fall from eight meters, seriously injured (1.50 PM)for Nine cold, dead since October (0.06 PM)

the news of The day (Christmas eve, 24. December) in the star-Ticker:

+++ 14.23 PM: walkers keep a sex doll without a head for the body +++

A carelessly discarded sex doll without a head has two walkers in a forest in Dettenhausen (Baden-Württemberg) in excitement spiked. The couple had reported on Sunday lunch “with horror” a lifeless body, informed the police headquarters in Reutlingen. He had felt when touched with a stick “wobble”, reported the witness. Two patrol car crews, but noted quickly that it was a silicone doll, “which is originally for use for adults is made”. Who has stored them in the forest, and why the head was missing, was unclear, said a spokesman for the Bureau.

+++ 14.18 PM: the death toll in Indonesia rises to 373 +++

After the Tsunami in Indonesia, the number of dead to at least 373 increased. 1500 people were injured, 128 are still missing, such as the Indonesian civil protection announced.

at Least 373 Dead

it was in Indonesia, no Tsunami warning

grief in Indonesia: the Case of the Tsunami at the weekend, at least 373 people have died. A warning before the disaster it was.

DPA +++ 13.39 PM: Early elections in Israel in April +++

In Israel at the beginning of April early elections are held. All of the government parties had agreed, said a spokesman for the Likud party of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. So far, Netanyahu, whose government has been stuck for some time in the crisis, had rejected new elections.

+++ 13.16 PM: “Massive violence”: two corpses in the Nordhausen discovered +++

On Christmas eve, the neighbors have found in the Thuringian town of Nordhausen, a dead pensioner-couple. The police does not preclude a Homicide, a spokeswoman said. The bodies of the characters of massive violence are exposed to. In the case of the Couple it is the information after an 82-year-old man and his 80-year-old woman. How the couple died, according to the police is still unclear. Experts of the criminal police and of the Thuringian land criminal police office secured traces. The bodies are to be medically examined, said the spokeswoman.

+++ 12.42 PM: Christmas gifts from the defective roof box spread over Saxony highway +++

With a true gift of flood, it has to get the police to do in Saxony, on the highway 4. As the officials said in Görlitz, opened at the previous day’s close to the port Kodersdorf body in a carriage with Christmas gifts fully-Packed roof box. The pack flew out and were scattered on the roadway.

the Following motorist could not avoid and ran over parts of the Box and the gifts. Material damage was caused in the amount of around 500 euros, but no one was injured. The officials spoke of a “use of a slightly different kind the day before Christmas eve”.

+++ 10.45 am: Christmas procession to Bethlehem +++

Christians from all over the world, broken open to celebrate Christmas in the Holy Land. In Jerusalem, the traditional procession broke up in the morning to Bethlehem. The convoy was expected in the early afternoon in the small town in the West Bank that is venerated as the birthplace of Jesus. Will led the procession from the head of the Catholic Church in the Holy Land, Pierbattista Pizzaballa. He celebrates later on, the midnight mass in Bethlehem.The Israeli Ministry of tourism expects over the Christmas days with around 150,000 Christian tourists. the

+++ 5.04 PM: Christmas address: Steinmeier warns of speechlessness +++

Federal President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier has warned of the lack of a voice in society because of a lack of exchange could threaten, in his view, the democracy. “Our democracy is only as strong as we make them. It builds to the fact that we say our opinion, for our interests to argue. And it exposes us to the constant danger that the other might be right”. The head of state said in his pre-popular Christmas speech. The Germans were always talking less to each other and listened to even less of each other.

+++ 4.46 PM: climate protection Petition in France, all the records +++

blows up An Online Petition for more climate protection blows up in France, all the records. By Sunday night, in the legal action against the French state because of the lack of efforts to combat Climate change had already signed more than 1.6 million people, the Petition in the network, required. Target of two million signatures now.

The Petition was lodged by Greenpeace, Oxfam and two other non-government organisations into the network. This is not to accuse the French state, to do enough against climate change. They called on the government on Monday to take Action and set a deadline of two months. As a next step, the organisations want to move to, probably in March, before the Paris administrative court.

+++ 3.20 PM: Tsunami in Indonesia: more than 280 Dead +++

The number of deaths caused by the Tsunami in Indonesia has risen to at least 281. More than 1000 people had been injured, said the civil protection authority of the country. The number of victims threatened to continue to rise. So far, the number of deaths recorded was 222.

at Least 222 Dead in Indonesia

While the Band plays, pre-rolls, the death wave: Tsunami hits concert with full force


The flood waves were broken on Saturday after a volcano erupted without warning over the coastal areas and tourist beaches on the Strait of Sunda. The tidal waves met in the South of Sumatra and in West Java in the country. Hundreds of buildings were destroyed.

+++ 2.57 PM: the command for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria +++

The command to the controversial withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria signed is signed. “The decree to Syria was signed,” said a Pentagon spokesman to the AFP news Agency, without mentioning further Details. US President, Donald Trump had announced on Wednesday, surprisingly, the full withdrawal of US army from Syria.rt, the jihadists militia Islamic state (IS) had been defeated.

The notice that it’s not just the USA’s allies in the fight against IS a lack of understanding, but also in the United States is highly controversial. Just a day after trump’s announcement, US defence Secretary Jim Mattis announced his resignation. He should be on 1. January will be replaced by his former Deputy, Patrick Shanahan temporarily, such as Trump announced on Sunday. Currently, around 2,000 US soldiers are in Syria.

+++ 1.50 PM: circus performer in a fall from eight meters severely + injured++

A performer in a circus performance in Remscheid, Germany, of a high-wire eight-metre fall into the depth. The 32-year-old life partner of the circus Director, was badly hurt and was brought to the intensive care unit of a hospital, a police spokesman announced on the night. The idea of the Christmas circus in Remscheid, Germany, was canceled after the accident on Sunday evening. The police are investigating how it came to be. Whether the artist was secured during the Show, could not say the speaker initially. According to information from the Remscheider General-Anzeiger, a firefighter, was among the spectators and provided assistance.

+++ 0.06 PM: Nine cold dead since October +++

The Federal Association of assistance to the homeless nine suspected cold dead counts since October. “In some cases, court-run medical studies, but we assume that they had no apartment and at the low temperatures froze to death,” said the managing Director of the Federal Association, Werena Rosenke, and the “Rheinische Post”.

Since October, four deaths had been reported in Hamburg, two in Düsseldorf and one each in Cologne, Essen and Lauchhammer Lausitz. In the same period the previous year had died, according to Rosenke at least three people, alleged to be cold.

assistance for The homeless estimates that, according to the report, the number of people without an own apartment in Germany, in the meantime, in the case of more than one Million.

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