There, in Mali, has a terrible massacre occurred

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children argue The most important messages in the Short Overview:

millions of Britons support the Petition against Brexit (16.04 PM)Orban railed against the EU (13.08 PM) – parents begin to brawl (11.42 a.m.) – right rock concert: cops and press attack (10.06 PM)Grand coalition had a small majority (9.55 PM)Flashmob in Frankfurt runs from the rudder (6.05 PM)

The news of the weekend:

+++ 19.15: massacre in the malischem village – Pregnant women and children among the Victims, + + +

In the centre of Mali has ambushed an armed group in a village and the inhabitants massacred. A spokesman for the Malian military after the first counting of at least 115 deaths. The office of the UN Secretary-General António Guterres spoke of 134 dead and dozens injured. According to military information, unknown Gunmen stormed on Saturday morning, the village Ogossagou Peulh in the Region of Mopti. Among the dead are pregnant women, small children and the elderly. “The number of victims is cruel. All were civilians, there are many injured and a number of houses were set on fire,” said government spokesman Amadou Koita.

Add to that hundreds of cases of arson. The government sent troops to secure the area. Guterres was shocked by the violence. He called on the Malian authorities to redouble their efforts “to bring peace and stability to Central Mali to bring back”.

Who’s behind the Robbery, was initially unclear. After Islamist and other insurgents had brought the North of Mali in 2012, temporarily under control, has worsened the security situation in the West African country. Armed groups to attack civilians, also local and international armed forces. A UN peacekeeping mission in 2013 in Mali.

+++ 19.04 PM: Romania’s Prime Minister announces relocation of the Embassy to Jerusalem +++

After the decision of U.S. President Donald Trump, Jerusalem as Israel’s capital to recognize and to relocate the Embassy of his country to get there, the Romanian head of government Viorica Dancila the same step. Dancila said at the annual meeting of the Pro-Israeli lobby organization Aipac in Washington, the government will lay the Romanian Embassy “to Jerusalem, the capital of Israel”.

18.32 at: Berlin police rehearses with over 500 officials Anti-Terror operation +++

The Berlin police has carried out in Steglitz with the fire Department and the Berlin public transport (BVG), one of the largest Anti-terrorist Exercises in its history (see Video above). You will gain insights for large layers. The scenario was as follows: A van drove in front of the Boulevard Berlin in a crowd of people. Three terrorists stormed into the shopping centre. It shots were fired. There were Dead and wounded. The Exercise took place in Public. Residents stood on their balconies. Passers-by asked to the barriers, whether something had happened.

60 actors were hired for the Exercise. They were hostages and injured. In the use of more than 500 officials. More than 100 firefighters and employees of the BVG. The number of on-the-spot, the police learned that it was an Exercise. Everything should be made as realistic as possible.

+++ 18.11 clock: Unknown hang in the Moscow Museum unnoticed, portrait +++

In Moscow, there has been a few days again a case in a Museum. Five Unknown would have brought a picture to the state Historical Museum next to the Kremlin, and it is there, unnoticed, hung up, reported the Interfax news Agency on Sunday. It was a portrait of Alexandra Fyodorovna, the wife of the last Tsar, Nicholas II.

+++ 17.20: SPD is with Spahn talking about the measles vaccination compulsory +++

The SDP in the Bundestag wants to make the vaccination of children against measles. Group Vice-health expert Karl Lauterbach told the editorial network Germany (RND/Monday), he was with the Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) in an interview and is “confident that we can soon submit a proposal”. A spokesman for the health Ministry told the German press Agency, was concerned about the rising number of measles infections in Germany, to many people “take lightly”. “A debate on possible measures is welcome,” he said.

+++ 16.55 PM: last IS fighters komen from underground IS fighters out of tunnels, Hide in the ostsyrischen Baghus +++

After the victory over the jihadists militia Islamic state (IS) in the ostsyrischen Baghus are on Sunday under the place come forth and arise. As AFP reported, Reporter, rose, dozens of men in the drizzle, on trucks, many of them with long beards, Caftans and scarves around the head. Dschiaker Amed, press officer of the Kurdish people’s defense units (YPG), said, the IS-fighters would have arisen. It could still hold more of them in the underground passages hidden.

+++ 16.04 at More than five million Britons support the Petition against Brexit +++

Already, more than five million people have, until yesterday, an Online Petition for the whereabouts of Britain in the EU. No other Petition on the website of the Parliament’ve ever gotten so much feed, reported the British news Agency PA. In the past few days the website was down due to the onslaught, temporarily lame. The Parliament must take account of the contents of each Petition with more than 100,000 signatories for a debate. All British citizens – abroad and resident in the UK, such Online petitions to sign.

rumors that Unauthorised signed the Petition, were rejected by the competent Committee. 96 percent of the signatures came from the United Kingdom – this corresponds to the expectations. Security measures in themselves did not want to comment on the Committee.

+++ 14.23 PM: One dead in stabbing in Cologne +++

In the case of a stabbing on the open road in Cologne, a man died. Der43-Year-old suffered in the night with a clash between two groups in the district of Mülheim-fatal injuries, the police announced. A 21-year-old suspect and a 33-year-old companion were arrested.

The groups were advised according to the police, on the Wiener Platz in Köln-Mülheim from initially unknown cause to each other. As the argument escalated, stabbed, therefore, the 21-Year-old according to information provided by witnesses with a knife. After that, he had fled with his 33-year-old companion. Both were taken out. In the case of the drunken 21-Year-old, the officers found a knife. His wounded companion was taken to the hospital.

+++ 13.54 PM: Kids’ Choice Awards: slime showers for Will Smith and Chris Pratt +++

slime shower for Superstars: The actor Will Smith and Chris Pratt have been covered in the “Kids’ Choice Awards” in Los Angeles in the night with a green goo of slime. The Moderator of the children’s Gala, musician, DJ Khaled not only got a slime shower, but also took in a whole Pool of mucus space.

since 1988, conferred Awards it is a Tradition that celebrities doused with slime. In addition, there were prices: Avengers won the “Infinity award as most popular Film and actor Robert Downey Jr”. as the most popular super hero. Most popular musicians have been Grande, Shawn Mendes and Ariana.

+++ 13.43 PM: police arrest owner after house Explosion +++

After the Explosion of a residential house in the South of Hesse, the 59-year-old owner of the building has been arrested. He returned in the Morning to the ruins of his house, in Löhrbach, reported to the police and the Prosecutor’s office. Against him, the urgent suspicion to have a serious arson. He is suspected to have the house on Friday fired, because it should be forced to be auctioned.

A massive Explosion had turned the house into a pile of debris. Parts of the building had been thrown up to 30 meters high in the air. The Rest of the ruins, burned to the ground. Between the debris, investigators found several bottles of gas – but the alleged arsonist.

+++ 13: 33: number of deaths after the cyclone “Idai” in South-East Africa, rising to 676 +++

In the disaster area, in Southeast Africa, the number of victims rises after the storm, “Idai”: In Mozambique and Zimbabwe until yesterday, 676 people were killed. The number of victims could still rise, many areas are still cut off from the outside world. Aid organizations warn, moreover, against epidemics. Alone in Mozambique, at least 417 people came to authorities information “Idai” and dies. In Zimbabwe, 259 people were killed. Nearly 200 people, including 30 students, are still missing. The final number of victims will be “significantly higher”, warned the UN children’s Fund, Unicef. It referred to the fact that many areas were still inaccessible. In view of the collapse of the infrastructure in various areas of the disaster region, the rescue work difficult.

“Idai” was pulled just over a week ago about Mozambique and caused after heavy rain for devastating Floods. In addition to Zimbabwe, Malawi was hit. A total of around two million people in southern Africa are affected by the consequences of the cyclone.

+++ 13.08 PM: EPP-suspension: Orban has only attacked a few days after the suspension of the membership of his Fidesz party in the European people’s party (EPP) once again, the EU has railed against the EU +++

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban. “The Brussels politicians live in a bubble,” said Orban, who is also leader of the Fidesz, in the national radio. “You make a Brussels bureaucrats-an Elite that has lost touch with reality.” The government chief called on his listeners to vote in the European elections in may his party to show “the people of Brussels that it is in Hungary that happens, what the Hungarian people want”. It’s not that, “to the left and back drift at the end of parties” in Brussels decided what to be done in Hungary and in Europe.

The EPP, the CDU and CSU are members, had been suspended on Wednesday the membership of the Orban party. You want to check whether their policy and Chairman of Orban are still with the European and democratic values of the EPP compatible.

+++ 12.28 PM: the White giant”, only debris: residential block in Duisburg blasted +++

With a loud Bang, a huge housing block from the 1970s, in Duisburg, to a pile of gigantic rubble collapsed. The “White giant” called the high house was blown up according to Plan with some 290 kilograms of explosives. A huge cloud of dust enveloped the neighboring houses. Left around 48,000 tonnes remained rubble. The 22-storey house from the year 1972 had once 320 apartments. For many years it was no longer inhabited. The demolition is part of a series of measures, with which the Duisburg want to upgrade the district’s high Heath. Two more high-rise buildings in the neighborhood will also be demolished. On the site of a Park is to be created.

+++ 12.16 PM: the Little polar bear solves a rush of visitors in the Berlin animal Park +++

All want to see Berlin’s polar bear: The cute snow-white young has provided in the animal Park of the capital for a rush of visitors. Within a week, more than twice as many guests as in the same period of the previous year, came up with around 42,000 visitors, spokeswoman Christiane Reiss said. The nearly four-month-old polar bear had the den along with his mother Tonya on 16. March for the first Time to leave.

To the delight of the visitors, the still unnamed polar bear gets to climb on the outdoor equipment and bathing water in the basin. In the case of the first trips the Boy in the Exuberance of the joy of discovery was once more on the nose. Meanwhile, the polar bears girls had become safer on his four paws, said zoo spokeswoman for Reiss. At the beginning of April, it should get a name.

+++ 12.13 PM: murder with Lily of the valley puree – offender Trance, makes “” + + +

A murder and arrested a 44-Year-old killed in Austria, possibly even another victim. You have administered a 95-year-old man mashed the poisonous Lily of the valley leaves, confessed to the woman, according to a newspaper report in the pre-trial detention. Your lawyer, the news Agency APA said on the weekend, the woman had been under the influence of a 48-year-old accomplice. “The main perpetrator has enabled my client according to your statement, in a kind of Trance. In this condition you made then,” said attorney Wolfgang Blaschitz according to APA information.

The 44-Year-old is in custody, because it was supposed to have killed a 72-year-old woman. It was donated to the own data of the 48-Year-old who brought the victim to you as a heiress, such as the “Kleine Zeitung” reported. The newspaper writes of a “champagne trio” – a third woman was taken in November, but said that it had only been a hanger-on. In the case of the 95-Year-old poisoning can m ehr are demonstrated: He died in may 2018 – officially of natural causes and was cremated.

+++ 11.42 PM: kids fight over Ball – parents brawl +++

to start After the end of the game children in Rhineland-Palatinate, a Ball fight, you, are your parents in an argument and a fight. Several people were slightly injured, the police announced today.

A group of children had played yesterday evening on a Playground next to a school in Rheinböllen (Rhein-Hunsrück-Kreis), and finally to the Ball in a fight. The children called their parents, which then, in turn, a dispute broke out. The add called the police, granted according to its own information space references, and initiated criminal proceedings for assault. The exact number of those Involved, the police could do.

+++ 11.38 PM: avalanche in Switzerland, four people with +++

tears have been swept away in an avalanche in the Swiss Canton of Valais, according to police sources, four people from the snow masses. The accident occurred today in the summit region of the Clochers d’Arpettes about 60 miles Southeast of lake Geneva. The avalanche broke away at about 2800 meters of altitude. The mountain rescue was on the ground, police said.

+++ 11.27 PM: Quad driver dies in Eight-metre fall in a sand pit +++

A Quad driver is injured in an accident in a sand pit in the Harz fatal. The 53-Year-old crashed yesterday with the Quad is an approximately eight meters deep, with steep slope down, the police announced in Halberstadt. She rolled over, remained badly injured, lie and died at the scene of the accident. The previous investigations showed that the woman had borrowed the Quad. On the track in the way of three other Quad riders were still on the road. The accident happened thus, as the other riders were out of sight.

+++ 11.08 PM: Berlin police launches large-scale exercise to shopping centre +++

The Berlin police has begun in the Morning with a large-scale exercise. Numerous forces of police and the fire brigade were called to a shopping center in the district of Steglitz, after you have been informed of a passer Gera most vans. On site, you should know that it is an Exercise, such as press spokesman Thilo Cablitz said.

In the Exercise, several hundred forces – including special forces and the police should be involved. A specific reason for this for about a year, planned Exercise, it is not, said Cablitz. For the Exercise, the area of the castle road was partly closed to the other side. The blocking will continue until the afternoon. The last such Exercise took place in June 2015.

+++ 10.52 PM: man cums in wife at armed battery acid in the eye +++

In the case of a marital dispute in Berlin, a man and his wife battery acid in the eye injected. He was arrested. The 34-Year-old is in the hospital. Doctors would still have to fight the light in their eyes, said a police spokesman in the Morning. In the apartment of the couple, the two 9-and 14-year-old children were present during the dispute. They were then Known by the police.

the confrontation in the night. About three o’clock in the 39-year-old man is said to have threatened his wife in the bathroom with a knife. Then he Packed them on the back of the head and then the battery acid in the left eye injected. The woman broke free and escaped into another room. There notification they consolidated the police.

+++ 10.37 PM: evacuation of the cruise ship “Viking Sky” in Norway +++

stopped The dramatic evacuation of the “Viking Sky” in Norway has been interrupted. The helicopter should fly no more people boarding the cruise ship on Land, while tugboats bring the ship into the port of the city of Molde, as the südnorweg of rescue, informed service. The news Agency NTB reported, the captain will decide during the maneuver, whether the evacuation should be continued by helicopter. So far, about 460 of the total of 1373 passengers and crew members were fetched from the ship to shore.

The “Viking Sky” was yesterday’s fall in the afternoon due to problems with the drive during a storm in a dangerous section of the Central West coast of Norway in distress. A total of 915 passengers, and 458 members of the crew were, according to shipping data on Board the 227-Meter-long ship. Most of the passengers, according to data from the British and the Americans. Two women with German nationality were to passengers.

+++ 10.15 PM: Talking parrot, a bus and coach operator in Bavaria, keeps you in a good mood +++

greets friendly, and in the finest dialect: In the office of a Bavarian Busunternehmers a talking grey parrot, good mood. For the past two years, the bird with the perky mouth of the Team of the head of the company Wolfgang Plach in Röhrnbach. Words and phrases, the fields Carlo in everyday life, he chatters cheerfully. He knows exactly which sentence is the context in which properly. In addition, he’s talking, of course, in the finest dialect. “Mäxl, mogst no aussi go?”, he asks the office cat Max.

Currently, Carlos is clouded mood. His favorite employee is out of town. “Where is Maria?”, to call him his master. “On vacation,” replies the parrot and: “Terrible.” Grey parrots are considered as intelligent and especially gifted in languages. The world conservation Union IUCN leads you to the Red list of endangered species.

+++ 10.09 PM: a 70-Year-old when Igniting the fireplace hard + +

injured injured + A 70-year-old man yesterday in Nideggen, North Rhine-Westphalia to the lighting of a fireplace is hard. He triggered a deflagration, and thus, a room fire, as he poured alcohol into the fireplace, the police announced today. He moved, therefore, among other things, burns of the face. His 82-year-old partner was burned on the legs. They both went to the burn center Aachen. The seriously injured a 70-Year-old was placed with a rescue helicopter there. In the apartment some of the furnishings burned completely.

+++ 10.06 PM: police officers and journalists at far-right rock concert, attacked +++

In the case of a right-wing rock concert in Ostritz in Saxony, yesterday evening, have been attacking police officers and journalists. They were pelted with empty beer cups and a fire extinguisher is sprayed, the police announced today. There are six investigation proceedings have been initiated. The charges are damage to property, sedition, libel, and violations of the arms and Assembly law. Also being investigated for using anti-constitutional symbols. Representatives of the media and the police had victory-Heil Calls from the Versecollection room. Further investigations are being conducted by the Department of state protection of the provincial police inspection.

According to police, about 500 people were at the concert and with the right motivated Assembly in Ostritz. The police was around 300 officials. The parallel-aligned Ostritzer peace festival, in which more than 2000 people set a sign of openness to the world, and against right-wing extremism, the police are not a crime.

+++ 9.55 PM: Grand coalition according to the survey, with a narrow majority +++

The Grand coalition according to a survey a majority of voters behind. The “Sunday trend” for the “Bild am Sonntag” according to the CDU remains stable at 31 percent, the SPD and to submit a percentage point and lands at 17 percent. The other parties to five percent, so that the common 48 percent of the government would be enough parties for a majority in the Bundestag.

one percentage point in the AfD, which comes to 14 percent. The Greens remain steady at 17 percent, the Left loses a point and reached eight percent. The FDP would also choose eight percent of the respondents, which corresponds to the result of the previous week. For the survey, the opinion research Institute Emnid for the “Bild am Sonntag” on September 14. up to 20. In March, a total of 1518 people, which party would you vote for if next Sunday parliamentary elections.

+++ 9.39 am: Scorpion in front of the door – in the pickle jar to the police +++

A man right in front of his home in Bavaria, a Scorpion found. With an empty pickle jar, he caught the about five centimeters long, exotics and alerted the police. “The animal is not safe,” said a police spokesman. It was unclear how the Scorpion was coming and how long he had been Outdoors.

The officials were directed to him on the inspection, temporarily in a plastic crate with a bit of green stuff. “This is something appropriate.” The search for a permanent place to Stay for the guest remained unsuccessful. “We have not found any suitable collecting station,” the spokesman said.

+++ 8.54 PM: at Least 134 killed in attack on village in Mali +++

In an armed RAID on a village in Mali, according to UN figures, at least 134 people, many women and children have been killed, including. At least 55 others were injured. As a spokesman of the UN Secretary-General Antonio told Guterres, had Armed attacks on Saturday, the village Ogossagou in the centre of the country. According to a military spokesman, they killed people indiscriminately and burnt numerous houses. The government had deployed troops in the village, in order to stabilize the Region. Who is behind the attack is unclear. The background could be ethnic conflict between the ethnic groups, the Fulani and the Dogon.

especially in the North of Mali is an area of retreat for many groups of Islamist extremists. Again and again you perpetrate attacks on the Malian armed forces, or the UN peace mission, the Bundeswehr is involved with around 1000 soldiers.

+++ 8.18 PM: fundraising for the families of Christchurch Victims collect millions total +++

After the deadly attack on two mosques in new Zealand, approximately 10.8 million new Zealand dollars (6.6 million euros) have been donated for the families of the 50 victims on the Internet. To a relief Fund on the website GiveaLittle.co.nz 8.3 million new Zealand dollars went up Sunday, more than 91,000 donors. The Crowdfunding platform LaunchGood.com collected 2.5 million new Zealand dollars, donated by 40,000 people.

On the 15. March had killed an Australian right-wing extremists during the Friday prayer in two mosques in Christchurch on believers shot and 50 people. New Zealand responded with unprecedented support for the Muslim community in the country.