As it came in a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, a mass shooting, proved Gilbert Serna true courage: with his help, dozens of people were able to escape from the rear of the super market the shots. After that, the Walmart is to be returned-employees, even once, in order to help even more people.

“I was afraid, but I have not thought of my own safety,”

“I was afraid, I can’t deny that, but I have not thought of my own safety. I’ve thought of the safety of others,” said Serna, a little later, to “CNN”.

Serna, a father of two children, has been working for almost 19 years in this Walmart-business – something he had experienced but never. On the day of the shooting he was in the back of the shop when he received over the radio a “Code brown”. It took a Moment until he could arrange, what does this mean to: an active shooter is in the building. A few seconds later, he heard the first shots.

The hiding place for the group: a shipping container

De 36-Year-old did not hesitate long, and gave the customers and the other employees immediately a sign to follow him into the back room of the store. Through this space, Serna was able to locate the emergency exit and the group out of the building. Then he opened one of the shipping container and the approximately 100 people told to hide in there. “They were afraid. I was afraid of. We were all afraid,” he said later, “BuzzFeed News” to.

Instead of remaining but the group in the Container, went back Serna, to help other people. Only there, he was also aware of the fact that it was not a simple conflict, but rather a mass shooting.

“in the movies, but if you experienced it yourself, you are in shock,”

On the other side of the building arrived, he saw other people in the Parking lot gathered. Including six young girls, a football team, which had collected in front of the Store for donations for your Team. Serna led the people Waiting in the building of the Sam’s Club, a supermarket around the corner, and instructed them to wait there for the police.

While Serna was able to bring many people out of the back of the shop in safety, put the front of also regular customer Adria Gonzales for their fellow human beings. With her pink hat, the assistant teacher waved to almost 40 people in a storage room and saved your life. “You see it in movies, but when you experience it then, if you see a Person kill, then the blood is everywhere,” says Gonzalez of the “CNN”.

A Walmart spokesman confirmed shortly after the fact that it was Serna, in fact, one of your employees and that you appreciate his heroic deed.

sources : “CNN” / “BuzzFeed News”

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