Pope Francis has celebrated with more than 100,000 faithful on his historic visit to the United Arab Emirates.

people from across the Region came together in the stadium, Said Sports City in Abu Dhabi and cheered the Pontiff as he rode the popemobile through the crowd. It is the largest Christian mass ever celebrated in the Arabian Peninsula. According to the local Church more than 120,000 people in the Stadium and outside the Party pursued.

never before has a Catholic leader was visiting on the Arabian Peninsula, which is regarded as the cradle of Islam. Came to the exhibition of 100 different nationalities, and around 4000 Muslims, according to the organizer Catholics.

About 80 percent of the population of the Emirates are migrants. The majority of Catholics are from Asia, such as India or the Philippines.

During the travel with the popemobile, a girl from the crowd ran up to the Pope, to give him a paper, perhaps a picture or a letter. After security guards tried to stop them, stopped the Pope, however, and turned to the girl.