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at Least 30 killed in road accident in Guatemala (6.33 PM)Italy and Malta: migrants “capers” trade ship (5.06 PM)death drive in Melbourne: life-long imprisonment for IS-sympathizers (4.31 p.m.) USA reject criticism of Golan heights-decision in the UN security Council (3.01 PM)Monsanto must pay in glyphosate-process more than 70 million euros (2.47 PM)

fixed the news of The day:

+++ 8.16 PM: Software Problem in air traffic control – air space is free again +++

The Deutsche Flugsicherung (DFS) has fixed the problems in your pilotage Software. You have installed a tried and tested previous version, told the state-owned GmbH in Langen near Frankfurt. For security reasons imposed power reduction of the air space was removed. The disturbance was occurred Wednesday of last week, and the DFS lowered the capacity in the affected area by 25 percent. The safety of air traffic was not endangered. The disturbance was limited, according to the DFS on the Center in Langen near Frankfurt. In the area of the larger airports in Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Cologne-Bonn, and in Parts of the flight Düsseldorf. Disabilities, particularly in Frankfurt, where every day-several dozen flights have been canceled.

+++ 6.33 PM: at Least 30 killed in road accident in Guatemala +++

In a tragic traffic accident in Guatemala, at least 30 people have been killed. The people had gathered at the site of a previous accident in which a man from her neighbourhood that he had been killed, informed the fire brigade in the village of Nahualá in the West of the country. Then a truck in the accident was barreled and have killed at least 30 people. In the first accident, the driver driver had committed escape. In the Central American state, in which about 16.5 million people, occur frequently in traffic accidents.

+++ 5.55 PM: mass brawl between about 90 football fans in Mannheim +++

Around 90 football fans fight in Mannheim, Germany before a game at the Baden Cup, and thus a large-scale operation of the police with several Hundred officials triggered. A large number of followers of the Karlsruher SC and not participating in the game SV Waldhof Mannheim were left in the inner city, police said. They would have each other bashed and with shut-off material to a construction site were thrown at them. The police arrested 49 people on a provisional basis. Two men were injured and went to hospital.

the reason for the conflict was the in the Rhine-Neckar stadium Rugby Cup semi-final of the Union League club VfB 1950 garden city against Karlsruher SC. The evening game ended with a 4:0 victory for the third-League team from Karlsruhe.

+++ 5.06 PM: migrants “capers” commercial ship, military, a+++ picks

the Rescued migrants to Italian and details painted in front of Libya a commercial ship under their control. “There are no castaways, there are pirates,” said Italy’s interior Minister Matteo Salvini of the right-wing Lega party. Italian and Maltese media that 108 of the migrants on Board the vessel going under the flag of the island nation of Palau. Also on Board are women and children. Both Italy and Malta do not want to take the boat refugees, as long as there is no EU-wide distribution mechanism.

Meanwhile, the Maltese Navy has assumed in the Mediterranean, the control of the tank vessel. “The Tanker, its crew and all the migrants are being escorted by the Navy,” said the Marine.

+++ 4.31 PM: the death drive in Melbourne: life-long imprisonment for IS-sympathizers +++

Due to a fatal car travel in a crowd of people in the city of Melbourne by the end of 2017 is an IS sentenced to a sympathizer in Australia to life imprisonment. The fact had happened in 2017 shortly before the Christmas holidays, in the evening rush traffic of the metropolis. At that time, the native Afghan steered the car, his mother suddenly in a busy shopping street in the passers-by. He wounded about 20 people. A 83-year-old man died a week later in the hospital.

The killer was came as a refugee to Australia. He said after his arrest that he had decided because of the bad treatment of Muslims to the fact. The man had, according to previous information, the police and his lawyer mental problems and was a drug addict. On his Computer, investigators found Videos of the terrorist organization Islamic state (IS) and recordings of terrorist attacks in different countries.

+++ 4.19 PM: patrol car collided with a car Five injured +++

The collision of a patrol car with a car have been injured in Wuppertal five people. The patrol car had been with the blue light on the way to a fire, when he collided at an intersection with the car, said a spokesman for the police. The driver of the car, his passenger, and her child seriously injured were taken to the hospital. The two police officers involved were slightly injured. For more Details of the accident were not available initially.

+++ 3.01 PM: the United States reject criticism of Golan heights-decision in the UN security Council +++

The US has defended in the UN security Council, in its controversial decision, the Israeli-annexed Golan heights formally as Israeli state area to recognize. The decision was right, because the people in the area have lived for decades under Israeli law, and the Golan heights are not expected to fall under the dominion of Syria and Iran, said the American Vice-Ambassador to the United Nations, Rodney Hunter.

U.S. President Donald Trump had a recognised place on Monday the Israeli-annexed Golan heights formally as the territory of Israel and, thus, a turnaround in US foreign policy. The EU recognises the Golan heights, however, still not as a territory of Israel. The United Nations also made it clear that it maintained its previous Position on the issue. Israel had conquered the strategically important rocky plateau in 1967 and in 1981 annexed. Under international law the Golan heights are considered to be Israeli-occupied territory of Syria.

+++ 2.47 PM: Monsanto must in glyphosate-process of The German Bayer group belonging to the U.S. company Monsanto must pay more than EUR 70 million in numbers +++

more than 70 million euros to the cancer U.S. citizens Edwin Hardeman. Monsanto don’t have enough against the risks of the use of glyphosate destruction by Roundup-containing Weed warned, was a Jury in the U.S. state of California. The 70-year-old pensioner had used the herbicide over many years. Already in August had ae Jury in San Francisco the company to pay damages amounting to millions to the cancer previous School janitor Dewayne Johnson sentenced. Bayer announced it would appeal. The company reiterated its view that the herbicide is not carcinogenic.

+++ 0.48 PM: Syrian state media: Israeli air strikes near Aleppo +++

Israel has been attacked, according to Syrian state media targets near Aleppo. The Syrian air defenses have repelled the Israeli attack, reported the official news Agency Sana. Target is an industrial complex North-East of Aleppo. According to the opposition middle Syrian Observatory for human rights, the Israeli bombardment ammunition was to place camps of the “Iranian troops and its allies”. Israel has executed in the past, air strikes in Syria. The Israeli army, bombing facilities of the Syrian government troops and their ally, the Hezbollah and Iranian units.

+++ 0.23 PM: Three members of the Cabinet to withdraw from France’s government. + + +

France’s Minister for European Affairs Nathalie Loiseau, and two other Cabinet members have announced their resignation. In addition to Loiseau, who is running for the EU Parliament, the state Secretary and government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux and Digital-Secretary of state, Mounir Mahjoubi your Post, such as the office of the President Emmanuel Macron told. Loiseau was appointed on Tuesday by the President’s party, La République en Marche (LREM), has officially become a top candidate for the European elections at the end of may. Griveaux and Mahjoubi want to compete in the mayor election next year in Paris. Both are competing for the top candidate of her party, LREM. Whoever follows the three Ministers is not fixed yet.

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