After a call in social media it came on the Alexanderplatz in Berlin to a mass brawl. “Early Thursday evening, around 400 people gathered in the square,” said a spokesman for the police.

most of them were according to adolescents or young adults. Later about 50 of them got into a quarrel and went at it with punches, kicks and pepper spray each other. The officers arrested nine people on a provisional basis.

The police with approximately 100 officers and tried to separate the young people. “The officers also used tear gas,” the spokesman said. A policewoman was injured. In addition, the youth tried to pull an officer into the crowd. A little later, the people dispersed. “About 20 of them ran into the metro station and jumped into the track bed, Gravel pelting,” said the police spokesman. The background could be media, a dispute between rival Youtubers reports. The police are investigating.

The Alexanderplatz is one of the seven Crime hotspots in Berlin, where the police are particularly present.