Fürstenfeldbruck – The first brawl, it came in the early afternoon to the bus stop, after the March had started. 20 Refugees rose from a bus, and came abruptly and suddenly to each other. In this case, a child was knocked over the car with a Baby. The child was, as a precaution, examined by the emergency services, nothing is missing. The alleged main perpetrator, the parents and the infant were recorded, all of the other Parties fled. The backgrounds are now to be determined.

Larger the impact of the second punch-up at the entrance to the accommodation in the evening. Three asylum seekers were on a the employees of the security service. Reason: The Refugees wanted to take a not in the property, reported to colleagues (“Foreign movers”) on the Area, which may not allow the security service. The wax man came to the clinic.

The beatings will have to do according to the police, nothing to do with the refugee demonstration on Saturday afternoon.


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Also bad: A dispute between two drivers escalated interior and a passenger in Bremen completely, after the couple of a VW driver felt harassed.