The attacker Frank Magnitz raided late Monday afternoon. The chief of the Bremen that the AfD was just on the way home, as several of the perpetrators waited for the politician, and him had. With a head injury Magnitz was hospitalized. The police state protection, and the office of the public Prosecutor of Bremen, took up the investigation. It was likely a politically motivated act, announced the authorities.

“No justification for violence”

politicians from the parliamentary parties to govern to the attack with outrage. AfD-Chef Jörg Meuthen wrote on Twitter, Magnitz had been beaten “half to death”. Meuthen spoke of a “cowardly and vile” attack. “At the Moment I’m so upset that I am unable to comment on this further.”

Also, the Green politician Cem Özdemir shows horrified: He hope that the perpetrator or perpetrators “were soon detected and condemned”. Also, compared to the AfD there is “no justification for violence”. “Those who fight hatred with hatred, always hatred win,” said Özdemir.

foreign Minister Heiko Maas commented on Twitter: “violence is never a means of political confrontation – no matter against whom or what the motives are. There is no justification. Who perpetrated such a crime, must be punished.”

His party colleague, Sawsan Chebli condemned the attack as a disservice to democracy. “Nothing justifies violence. Everything else makes our fight against the Nazis and against the enemies of our democracy’s credibility.”

The Secretary-General of the CDU, Paul Zemiak, warns that violence be replaced, no arguments. “Let us fight until the sparks fly. But it is time to stop baiting, with contempt, with hatred and violence. This seed may not rise.”

the leader of The Faction Left in the Bundestag, Dietmar Bartsch, sees “no justification for such a crime.” The General Secretary of the FDP in Düsseldorf as well. “Never such violence may be a means of political confrontation. No matter against whom!”, John bird writes on Twitter.

Frank Magnitz could not recognize the perpetrators

On Tuesday morning, the victim to word reported. The fact that he had only a little memory, said Magnitz. The attackers had hit him on the head, which he had lost consciousness. A photo on the website of the AfD national Association, shows his head injury.

Federal Congress

The AfD threatens with the Dexit – so radical is the slogan for the European elections

By Tim Schulze

“I’m in Bremen, the holding is known,” said Magnitz. He himself had not seen the perpetrators, but not heard, if they had said something to him.

in the Future, he will take care in Bremen. “I’m definitely going to go cautious through the area.” In the past, the AfD in the smallest state, was several times the target of attacks, among other things, the slices of the party were smashed offices and a car demolished.

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