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Marvel Helstorm season 2 Trailer, Cast, Plot & Other Updates

Marvel Helstorm is an American web series drama and it is soon making its way to the Hulu app to entice all the lovely fans. It is gaining a lot of popularity worldwide and is one of the most talked-about series. There are very few series which come back with new seasons and are remembered by fans all over the globe and we already feel it will have many more seasons in the pipeline. The performances of the main leads and supporting cast seem to be quite good while the plot has a lot of layers. Let’s discuss all the trailer, cast, plot, and other updates of Marvel Helstorm.

Is there an official trailer and Synopsis of Marvel Helstorm?

helstorm 1

Hulu has recently released a well-defined trailer of Marvel Helstorm and we can see what is happening in the storyline. You can find the trailer on YouTube and see for yourself or participate in the discussion which has been started by fans. The story of Marvel Helstorm is quite unique and it will focus on the characters of Daimon and Ana who are the children of a serial killer. They are very complicated and get in terms of reality and the worst of habits through their own attitude. The creator of the web series is Paul Zbyszewski while it is co-produced and directed by Marvel Television and ABC Signature Studios that is a part of Disney Television Studios.
It is considered a timely show because it focuses on the happenings of racism.

In this series characters are trying to figure out who they are and to what extent their thoughts are evil. You will see assumptions, suspicion, objectives, slurs, violation, and lack of representation from all the characters. The show is all about good and bad or incidents of past and traumas which take a front seat as soon as the series reaches its climax. Real violence happens with the character of George as he has to face a lot of racism among black people. It is important to ask for a change in such a society and maybe this is what the makers are preaching with this heartfelt storyline. Being the writer of the series they want to highlight this vice of racism prevalent in society for a very long time now. Human beings should have a feeling of mutual trust between each other or else society will never flourish.

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Who is in the cast of Marvel Helstorm?

marvel helstorm 3

Marvel Helstorm boasts of all the talented actors and they all fit in their characters pretty well. Here are the names of all the cast members below.

  • Tom Austen as Daimon Helstrom
  • Sydney Lemmon as Ana Helstrom
  • Elizabeth Marvel as Victoria Helstrom
  • Robert Wisdom as Caretaker
  • June Carryl as Louise Hastings
  • Ariana Guerra as Gabriella Rossetti
  • Alain Uy as Chris Yen

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What is the release date of Marvel Helstorm and how many episodes will it have?

Helstorm is expected to release on October 16th and it will be available on the Hulu app. It will feature a total of 10 episodes and the names of the episodes are mentioned below.

  • Mother’s Little Helpers
  • Viaticum
  • The One Who Got Away
  • Containment
  • Committed
  • Leviathan
  • Scars
  • Underneath
  • Vessels
  • Hell Storm 
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