for the past 14 years alone through a district of Frankfurt walking horse has gained after media reports on the Internet fame. The white Arabian Mare, Jenny, over in the district of Fechenheim alone, from your barn in a field, and back, said owner Werner weisch precious. Passers-by greet the horse, even the tram drivers it is known. On their daily Route Jenny puts back in, according to its owners of up to 20 kilometers. “It’s never happened,” said the 79-Year-old.

In the case of the Frankfurt police, Jenny is known, but not because of any bets: “We were never engaged,” said spokeswoman Isabell Neumann. The animal also bears a note on the halter with the Text: “my name is Jenny, I’m not running away, going for a walk. Thank you.”

“Jenny” to the Internet-Hit

After the “image”newspaper reported on the animal, it was also about Fechenheim. A Video of the Hessischer Rundfunk HR), which had shared the broadcast of the “main tower” on your Facebook page that was clicked to Friday, many times.

In the network but there is also criticism that the horse was without conspecifics. In addition, it is hazardous to themselves and others. The society for equine medicine, however, left: “Jenny has, through her walks, a lot of movement and she appears very relaxed and happy,” said veterinarian and Board member Maren Hellige. The walk was to be in familiar surroundings, cars, pedestrians and the tram for you everyday.

ky / DPA