After a stop at the base of the secret service in the Central Afghan town of Maidan Schahr the number of dead continued to increase. At least 60 security forces had been killed, said the provincial Council Mohammed Sardar Bachtiari.

It could be even up to 130 people were killed. As the reason for this large difference in the number of victims he stated that other authorities concealed the true scale. According to the Counsellor Nafisa Selia Wardak are at least 126 secret service employee were killed.

The spokesman for the health Department of the province of Wardak, Salim Asgarchail, spoke on Tuesday as on Monday 15 dead and around 30 Wounded.

early Monday morning (local time) had detonated a suicide bomber detonated a car bomb near the base. Then three attackers stormed the base. At this time there were authorities representatives estimated that around 150 special forces of the intelligence service NDS in the base.

pictures show that a large part of the roof of the two-storey building collapsed. According to Wardak, the violent Detonation of the car bomb houses damaged within a radius of one Kilometre. The Taliban confessed to the attack.

Currently, efforts to solve the conflict politically run. Since July, several rounds of direct talks between the US delegations and high-ranking Taliban representatives. On Monday a further round of talks in the Gulf Emirate of Qatar began. The talks should lead to peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban.

However, they have no effect on the fighting. Taliban fighters deliver day-to-day battles with the security forces of the government. This is again high-ranking Taliban-commanders.