In an attack in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, have been killed, according to a police officer of at least 25 people.

Near a Hotel used by government officials, there was a heavy Explosion, a suicide bomber was involved in the attack, said police officer Ali Hassan Kulmiye, the German press Agency. It is supposed to have one in a truck deposited the bomb acted. The Islamist terrorist militia Al-Shabaab claimed the fact, for, as the jihadist Propaganda is a specialized Site Intelligence Group reported.

In the area were heard after the Explosion, sporadic shots. An hour after the first Explosion, another blast was heard. According to the police the victim could increase in number.

The Explosion had caused massive destruction to the surrounding shops, said Kulmiye. The concussion was felt kilometers away, such as a dpa reported Reporter.

“We are still trying to determine more to this big attack,” said another policeman, Ahmed Bashane. The Situation was very chaotic. He spoke of the suspicion that other cars with explosives could be hidden in the area.

In Mogadishu and other places in the South and centre of Somalia, Al-Shabaab perpetrated again and again attacks. The Al-Qaeda affiliated fundamentalists fighting in the impoverished country in the Horn of Africa since the years of the supremacy. The U.S. military, and a troop of the African Union (AU) to support the Somali armed forces in the fight against the group.