A man brought in Italy a Bus full of school children in his power, and then set on fire. Italian citizen, with Senegalese roots threatened the children in the vicinity of Milan with the death before the police could get everyone to safety.

About a dozen children were brought, according to media reports, to the hospital, however, without serious injury. The Milan public Prosecutor Alberto Nobili, is determined in all directions, and even a terrorist motive tested. The man is supposed to have taken during the fact, concerning the death of migrants in the Mediterranean sea.

The man had stopped the school bus by the way and then fired, said the Minister of the interior Matteo Salvini on Wednesday. He has been arrested. On Board, according to media, about 50 children and teachers who suffered about an hour, scared to death, and all were able to save reports. The perpetrators have put the Bus in San Donato Milanese in the fire, when the police stopped him. The man was previously convicted, according to Salvini, due to sexual violence and drunk driving.

On the pictures to see a completely burnt-out Bus. The man had “no one here gets out alive” and then the car set ablaze, reported the news Agency Ansa, citing the provincial commander Luca De Marchis. He, too, had shouted, “the Die in the Mediterranean sea has to stop”. On one Video, children are seen, which are the twelve-years-old and screaming, run out of the Bus.

A Boy told in a Video, the man had poured gasoline, children had been tied up, and their phones had been taken away. He can, however, liberate, and with his phone, which had fallen to the ground, called the police, said the Boy. The police officers were able to rescue all of the time, because they struck the rear window of the bus, such as an eye-witness told the television.

“He said that if anyone moves, he pours gasoline and lights the fire,” said a girl from the Bus, the news Agency Ansa. The man said that the people in Africa would die and that it was the fault of the Italian Vice-heads of government Salvini of the right-wing Lega and Luigi Di Maio, of the Five-star movement.

The populist government in Rome since taking up office, a hard line against migrants and refused several rescue ships with Refugees in Italy.