a Violent summer storm raged on Tuesday night on the South and southwest of Germany. Rain, lightning and Thunder met, especially in Baden-Württemberg, Rhineland-Palatinate and the Saarland. The rescue workers were spending hours on their feet, pumped water from flooded basements and made fallen trees to the side.

And on Wednesday, it may be according to the German weather service (DWD) area quite uncomfortable. So a line from the Saarland to the Uckermark with some strong thunderstorms with heavy rain is in the course of a day to the Southeast to expect. Area way need to set local residents on the severe weather, they say. In the South of Bavaria and in the West, the weather experts also expect with some strong thunderstorms, which bring local, larger hail, and Gale-force gusts with it. A slowdown is expected in the night on Thursday. Then the Storm to the East would pull out, writes the DWD.


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DPA severe weather cost man life, because rescuers can use a boat

Alone in Ludwigshafen (Rhineland-Palatinate) were received on Tuesday in a short time, more than 100 emergency calls to the fire brigade, such as these announced. About Pforzheim (Baden-Württemberg) and the surrounding areas, strong Thunderstorms erupted. Basement around were under water, trees buckled and electricity were damaged masts, such as the fire and rescue services. The rescuers went in the evening to around 120 weather operations.

In the case of a swimming accident in the vicinity of Karlsruhe, a young man died in the evening – the severe weather hampered the search for the missing swimmer very. “At the point of use, arrived, decided to use line due to the raging storm, first of all, no boats to use,” said a spokesman. “In the further course of this, however, came still using.” After about 45 minutes, divers found the lifeless body. Any help came too late.

accidents on highways after heavy rains

The heavy rains led in the vicinity of Koblenz (Rhineland-Palatinate) to at least two accidents on the highway. There was a seriously injured, as the police reported. The accidents happened on the A48. For more castle, a car overturned multiple times, a woman was seriously injured. At the motorway interchange Koblenz a car in heavy rain hurtled a guard rail in the middle. The driver was injured taken to a hospital.

The weather service kachelmann weather registered in Pforzheim, 115 km/h wind speed. In Tholey (Saarland) were measured, therefore, 100 km/h.

weather live: you can See where it shows just rushes

The below interactive map where it’s raining, especially storms or particularly strong. In addition, you can use the timeline in the graphic below, the prediction for a later time. Press the “Play”Button at the bottom left to see the forecast in time-lapse. At the top right of the displayed level can be changed, for example from rain to temperature or Wind. A click into the map shows the value for the selected point.

the Service of “windy.com is Provided”. The creators use for their presentations, and before the model say from the “European centre for medium-range weather forecasts”. For more current warnings for severe weather location, the DWD.

sources: DPA / German weather service (DWD)

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