After the Manhole cover-attack on a regional train in Bad Berleburg, the 49-year-old driver of the train is itself under suspicion. The police and Prosecutor’s office informed on Thursday. A train of the Hessian runway was on the route, in the wittgensteiner Land forest nearly two weeks ago against Manhole covers hazards that hung on ropes from a bridge over the tracks.

“Due to the intense and high-pressure investigations, has contributed to a suspicion against the 49-year-old train driver, in the unfilled of the – otherwise – train to the incident time,” it said on Thursday, in the message of office of public Prosecutor and the police. “The driver was, in particular, through the analysis of crime scene traces in the focus of the investigators.”

the stop was obtained for the horror

The Prosecutor’s office Wins did the district court a warrant to search his apartments in Lünen and in Erndtebrück. After you have taken the 49-Year-old at the Erndtebrücker the station provisionally. He denies the fact, according to prosecutors. In the absence of grounds for remand, he was again set free. The investigation lasted.

The alleged attack had caused for horror. First of all, the police and the Prosecutor’s office had assumed that the Unknown had hung several Manhole cover from a bridge down on ropes over the rails. Thus, the first impression, at least, a Manhole cover had hit the front windshield of the driver of the empty train. The man had been on a scheduled empty run between Bad Berleburg and Erndtebrück. The Prosecutor first established for attempted murder.

a train driver allegedly suffered “moderate shock”

The Hessen state railway (HLB) had spoken after the incident an “outrageous attack”, in the aware of the death of a person had been taken into account. The train driver had suffered in accordance with the information of the HLB of a “moderate shock”. The engineer had performed an emergency braking and to the rear weggeduckt, it was said after the incident, on the part of the HLB. “We are glad that, through his spirit present reaction, nothing worse happened,” a spokeswoman said at the time.

tis / DPA